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Convincing myself I like Pepsi Max


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I cant stand it either! I like diet pepsi much more than diet coke too, its very sweet. Having to have Asda's own at the moment though, but I've got used to it now. Horrible if its not cold out the fridge.


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i just heart diet coke!! i hate pepsi of and variety though, farrr too fizzy, bubbles get stuck up my nose and i choke ;-)
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its weird isnt it, coz i can in diet, but not in the zero!! taste buds are strange! lol

Tell you wjhat i like, for a fizzy fix, ASDA low calorie ginger ale.. delish! :)


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Oooh now pepsi max is my fave. What this and the turkey rashers I am beginning to feel a little like the odd one out with weirdy taste buds!



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diet pepsi or coke!


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I prefer pepsi max, because it is sweet and satisfies my sweet tooth. But recently i have been reading about aspartane and so i have made a decision to avoid if possible!! not sure how that will pan out.


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I love Pepsi Max but my current cola of choice is Tesco almond diet cola - yum!
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I normally drink Sprite zero or 7up free... I don't really fancy coke! I prefer to drink Tango, at least it's apple :D


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ugh Pepsi Max is foul, far far too sweet. My mum insists on buying it though, horrendous. Diet Cherry Coke is my favourite but also partial to a bit of Diet Coke with lime, or the original Diet Coke. I used to be a staunch fan of fat Coke but can't bear it now. A waiter bought some to my by mistake a while ago and I almost gagged. I hate that furry feeling it leavs on my teeth too...

my current cola of choice is Tesco almond diet cola - yum!
ooh almond, that sounds interesting. I wonder if it tastes a bit like that yummy vanilla diet coke that was around for a while.

Ah fizzy drinks with zero nutritional virtue are one of my guilty pleasures
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My fav diet fizzy is diet irn bru - couldnt live without it!! Love my diet coke aswell tho, diet pepsi will do if there is no coke too x

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