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Cookery programme addiction??


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Wondering if anyone has developed any weird things in regard to food since starting LT..for instance, i've started watching cookery programmes(even put food channel on my sky as a favourite). I mean i will watch anything..gordon,jamie,good chef bad chef,masterchef,market..the list goes on! and i find myself looking through cookbooks every time i'm in easons :read: ?? what's up with that?? Any other foodie weirdos or am i alone in this one??:character00117:
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OMG!!!!! I thought it was just me!!!! I even went and sat in the library yesterday so I could read cookery books....lol!!!! So pleased I'm not on my own with this 'addiction'. Anyhow, off to bed to watch the remainder of the 'Italian Weekend' on sky x
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seriously!!!!!! im addicted to 262 on sky, it doesnt matter what they are cooking oh or come dine with me, jamie or oliver i love them all. as soon as my husband comes through the door i quickly change it over. he thinks ive an obsession lol glad im not alone


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S: 14st11lb C: 14st2lb G: 11st0lb Loss: 0st9lb(4.35%)
Oh come dine with me..can't believe i forgot it..totally love it!! the *****iness of them all behind each others backs and some of them cook up right disasters!! glad not to be alone on this too!:hug99:
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haha ditto!! my BF keeps saying, why are you torturing yourself watching this... but i cant explain it, its like the smelling thing it just really helps me!!!!!!! i just cant wait to get cooking new healthy stuff when i get off lt, so think im on the look out for new food ideas... also when im watching say, come dine with me, and they are eating really high cal food, i kinda feel like "ha, think of all the calories they are eating" and it makes me feel thinner?!!!!! Ha, so glad we are all the same, it really helps to know your not init alone!!!! x
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I really enjoy watching come dine with me and all the thirty minute meals with rachel ray on the food channel. Also been looking through jamie Oliver cook book and one with foods made with four ingrediants!!! Lol what is the matter with us people:)
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Haha me too!! I'm a come dine with me freak!!
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wao charleysangel u are doing fantastic, u must be so proud with your weight loss


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Yep, and me!! Only after about week 3 though, before that it was just torture. My flatmate thinks i'm mad and whenever she's cooking something yummy i'm smelling it and asking her what's she's put in it. Just thinking about all the yummy, healthy things I can make soon!


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It's food porn :D;)

It's too early for me to do this, I even change the channel at the food ads.
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Come Dine with me is addictive...even when your on Lipotrim :-D
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Ive always loved them programmes so WONT be stopping watching them....

I'm still cooking for my fiance and he doesnt like it he thinks Im torturing myself but I really enjoy it and sure once he has the food he stops complaining lol...

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