Cooking eggs


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If you look on page 2 there is an ongoing thread about the best way to fry eggs

And as for poached eggs you need really fresh eggs and a touch of vinegar in the water. Swirl the boiling water round the pan and drop the egg in - this helps keep the white together. Spoon water over the top to lightly set the yolk. Or look here:

The perfect poached egg is as easy as 1 2 3


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hi kelly :) this is how i do mine

Fried: heat a good non-stick pan till hot then spray with the fry light...crack the egg into the pan then cover with a tight fitting lid...if you don't take the lid off , there'll be enough heat in the pan to cook the top of the egg too...if you prefer to fry both sides, spray the top of the egg before you turn it over and it shouldn't stick.

Poached: fill a small saucepan with water and bring to the boil...add a good few squirts of vinegar (it helps the egg white stay together and you won't taste it afterwards) and a good sprinkling of salt...break the egg into a teacup and gently drop the egg into the water ...poach over a low heat till your egg is done to your liking

hth :)