Cooking more than one pack?!?


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Im not sure if I'm a bit hormonal this week, but I am finding getting down my shakes and soups really hard - they make me gag and feel very ill.

I've been getting round that by cooking two packs a night for 'dinner' and that way I only have to cope with having two packs in the day made with water.:(

I know you are only meant to cook one pack, because of the reduction in vitamins, but do you think it is better to only have three packs a day, or to have all four but two of them cooked? I could start taking a multivitamin?

Thanks for your advice guys.

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Just wondered if you have 1 pack cooked and divide another pack between the other 2 - so in effect you only have 3 packs to have. Does that make sense??!!

You do need all your vits and minerals - and once in awhile to cook 2 packs wouldn't matter - but if you are going to feel this way about them long term, you could end up feeling ill if you lose some vital nutrients.

Have you tried freezing them??? Making them up with less or more water??? Adding the vanilla or choc one to a coffee???

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If you are only meant to be on 3 packs and you are having 4 and cooking 2 you should be okay.

CD really do not like you cooking any packs, however, about 18 months ago they agreed that you could cook one providing you are using really fresh packs and nothing near the sell by date.

A multi-vitamin may cover the vitamins but would not substitute the nutrition.

Try to stick to only 1 cooked a day if you continue to struggle perhaps you should change over to the 790 programme? Just a thought.