cooperative wholemeal pitta

Discussion in 'Syn Values' started by megygogs, 24 August 2011.

  1. megygogs

    megygogs Well-Known Member

    :) Hi i'm sure this has been posted before but could i have coop wholemeal pitta as hex B and should it be a certain weight Thanks x
  2. chocolateworm

    chocolateworm Well-Known Member

    Yep its only co-op or asda wholemeal ones that count, no weight that i'm aware of, you can just have 1
  3. megygogs

    megygogs Well-Known Member

    thank you so much x
  4. Baby-belle

    Baby-belle Well-Known Member

    How many syns?
  5. Jaq

    Jaq Well-Known Member

    Co-op, Wholemeal Pitta Bread, 6 pack, 60g each
  6. Maddysmum

    Maddysmum Well-Known Member

    It is a 60g WM pitta bread.
    Be careful the extra large ones are not HEX just the standard size

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