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Coping with LT whilst working

If you have access to hot and cold water this= zero problem, dont worry:)


Wanna be....sexy!
I see that Ebay has Lipotrim shakers on sale,supposed to be genuine.Might be handy for you and reduce lumps!
The shakers are deffinatley cheaper from your chemist and they are quite effective


Wanna be....sexy!
They probably are,just might be handy to take with you x


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You defo need a shaker!!! I couldnt manage without mine.

I have been trying to have a shake before I go to work, when it comes to lunch time I tend to shake mine outside in the kitchen (to avoid drawing attention to myself in the office) and use the shaker again once I get home.

First time I did LT I never had a shaker and I found it much more of a chore. It defo makes life easier :)
thanks guys for all your help, must purchase me a shaker tomorrow!! I'll let you know how I get on:wave_cry:


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Id say buy a shaker-They do work.
If theres limited hot and cold water buy 2 small flasks and use one for hot and one for tea.As were not allowed milk you can shove your own tea in a food bag to take with,or visit wilkos for small tuberware for coffee.
Im lucky we have a proper kitchen and most of the time we go on lunch in ones so i can use my shaker but i work in a small bookstore and theres only 5 people so they all know.
Good luck xxx


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I usually mix my first one at home & drink in the car on way to work (naughty me!!!). That way, no one sees. I then wash out the shaker in the bathrooms and fill the second shake in the canteen a few minutes BEFORE it opens at 12 for lunch.....No witnesses!!!
you can get the shakers in tesco's or asda..would be totally lost without mine!
I have 4 hand blenders now one in Leeds one at home one at work and one in Spain....All the P's, Proper Planning and Preperation Prevents Pi55 Poor Performance;)


Desires to be slim....
You've been thinking that one up for ages.....I can tell...

I never knew they did the shakers when I first started. My chemist never told me.

I just took a tall tupperwear container and measured my pint of water in it - or however much you use to make shakes. I sellotaped a marker across it. So at work I just fillled it up to the marker and tipped in the powder, lid on TIGHT and gave it a dam good shake. I found it no problem with the chocolate and vanilla shakes. The strawberry ones always had lumps in it no matter how hard I shook them. Wierd!!

But worked all right for me!!

Its something I learned years ago while I was teaching its used very commonly in the military:p:px
u sound like my fiance fattothin...a phrase he likes to use from time to time..he has also been in the forces..must be where he got it from.


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One tip............make sure you rinse your shaker immediately after use.....its totally rank if left!!!! (even for a few hours!!!)


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I am lucky I use a hand blender in our kitchen at work.
My colleagues are very supportive but a shaker is a must I think.
Good luck! :)

Bea - Congrats on the pregnancy! :p
thanks guys I had half a shake this morning befor I left for work going to take one now at 10, bought in a termal flask (dont have a shaker just yet) and will shake it like I mean it;)
Right well that was embarrasing:busted:

I was preparing my shake in my thermal flask and had all the bits out when one of the lads came round to make a cup of coffee and muttered "oh wow thats technical".. I felt like I was making an expeirment rather than making a shake!

I just shook it off though and asked him about his weekend

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