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Discussion in 'Weight Watchers' started by lucysmommy, 15 July 2009 Social URL.

  1. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member


    see the list if core foods on my long and bumpy journey website is it up to date?

    any replies would be fab:D
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  3. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    I did Core last year, a lot of the foods on the Filling Foods list seem to be from the old Core list. Do you subscribe to the WW website?

    Edit-just had a wee peeksie on the site and from what I can see on the new version of Core you eat foods from the Filling Food list and then anything that's not a filling food has to be deducted from your 21 points per week. Doesn't really seem that different. The food list is probably the same. I guess you just have to make sure that 90% of what you eat has the green diamond by it
  4. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    yeah i do

    is it on there?
  5. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    I think, in Plan manger, you can change your points tracker to Simply Filling or whatever the new name for Core is. There may be a bit more info on it, I'm really not sure-I'm still getting used to e source. So do they never mention this plan in the meetings then?
  6. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    it was never mentioned to me, not sure about other meetings tho

    i was given the wee blue booklet thing

    some of them are green tho, maybe thats the simply filling books?

  7. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    I'm really not sure babe, I've only got the first week's booklet. I might ask at my meeting on Saturday. If all else fails, why don't you just try the original Core plan? I don't reckon there's much of a difference in it. You may as well ask your leader, after all, that's why she's there!
  8. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    ooh just searched for simply filling on the WW site and it told me that all the foods with the green diamonds are the simply foods :)


    thanks you for all your help hunni

  9. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    You're welcome. I'll be keeping my eye on how you get along on Simply Filling because if I can't get used to this points business I'll be swapping plans!
  10. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    there is a wee section on the side and its called simply filling list - i assume all these foods are free? grrrrrrrrr they have put points next to them instead of leaving out and confusing me lol
  11. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    What you have to remember is that the core plan doesnt really exist anymore, from what i understand there is only points now but they encourage you to eat more of the simply filling foods cos they are healthier and keep you feeling fuller for longer. I think thats why its mentioned as something seperate at the meetings

    Lots of people are still unofficially following the core plan, so if i were you if you want to give it a go ,go with the long and bumpy road list cos it looks up to date.

    I have done the core plan in the past , with some suucees so just yell if you wany any help ( i still have some of the old books but dont tell anyone)
  12. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    thanks mommyb will have a think about this overnight

    you ladies are wonderful

  13. mommyB

    mommyB love it

    its a really good plan, but there is lots of cooking from scratch so if you are busy you might want to take that into consideration.
  14. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    good point, hmmmmmmmmmmmmm this really needs more consideration

  15. liloone

    liloone Full Member

    ive never done the core plan have you ever done points to compare it to ?is it better than the points or is it a personal thing maybe?
  16. The Punisher

    The Punisher Full Member

    I think it's very much a personal thing. Whern I first joined WW I was on Core plan and so far I prefer it to counting points. But I've only been back at WW for a few days. I'm going to give points a chance, I can always go back to Core. One thing I noticed was I had a tendancy to let my portion sizes get out of control on Core :(
  17. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    thats what scares me, not able to control portions

    i think i will stick with points just now and see how i go
  18. liloone

    liloone Full Member


    yeah m8 i think its a case of needing to be regimented and strict in my case because the core would probably give me a sense of too much freedom i know i would eat the right foods but at the same time i know i would eat too much of it so i think i will carry on counting points for another 80pounds yet :)
  19. Karenlou

    Karenlou Gold Member

    I loved core and now I'm doing intuitive eating which is the same principle of learning to listen to your body and stop eating when you're full. It can be hard to do that when you're used to overeating or comfort eating - I know it's taken me a long time and I'm not even sure I've cracked it now!

    Happy to advise anyone on Core if they want though as I did it for quite a while with some success x
  20. liloone

    liloone Full Member


    i went back to my ww book from when i first joined and reread it.although the core plan sounds good and makes sense i still think i would over eat even though the foods are healthy,i mean im sure its possible to put weight on eating too much meat and potato meals:Dso i think im going to stick to the points,but you make a good point though,that you can always swap plans from week to week so maybe you should just do one week of core,one of points and then compare at the end of the fornight maybe that will give you a better idea of which one youre more comfortable with:D
  21. lucysmommy

    lucysmommy Gold Member

    thanks ladies for your replies

    all taken in:)

    might give it a shot for one week and see what happens


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