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Cornish Girl's Food Diary

Today is the first day, so quite enthusiatic

Breakfast : oatsosimple with skimmed milk (3pts)

Lunch : ham (1 slice - 0.5pt), salad (0pts) and 2 slices of Warburtons seeded batch (small loaf) (3pts)
1 pear and low fat natural yoghurt (pts???)

Dinner : homemade curry with pork, peppers, green beans; boiled basmati rice (????)

Snacks : 1x custard cream

Need to work out some points for the curry and custard cream!

No exercise as such, been to work (large clothes shop) and cleared out the shed, so been active!

Mums birthday tomorrow, so a slice of cake may be on the cards :eek:
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Ok, so I probably posted diary too early last night, or was just being hopeful, due to boredom I managed to scoff another 5 biscuits!!!!! I am a bit gutted,but always knew that boredom in the evening would be my downfall!!

Am still trying to work out the points for yesterday, think 4 for pork and 5 for rice, portion control needs to come in to this somewhere! what's a pear and a few spoons of low fat yoghurt? Will find out when home from work! got a 24 point allowance so may not be too bad!

Have a good day everyone!
Hi, so for yesterday I think I total 25.5, so over! Pork curry - 4.5, rice - 5, biscuits prob about 9!!

Today :
B - branflakes 1.5, raisins - 0.5 =2
L - sandwich as yesterday 3.5, packet wheat crunchies 2 = 5.5
D - 2 fillets smoked mackerel and potato wedges = far too many points,
S - 1xchoc bisc, 1 slice of homemade and yummy cherry cake

Think have over done it again! Anyone know of points value of mackerel? and the cherry cake??


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Hi hun,

Keep trying, and things will settle down as you get used to the diet in a few days.

I make a lot of my stuff myself and it can be hard to work out the points. Usually what I do is keep a pen and paper beside me and write down exactly how much of everything I put in- not veg cos they're free.
Then I look up the calories and sat fat for everything using the packets or one of the online sites, and work it out for the recipe. I usually weigh out how much I made and then weigh out the portion I have. It's a lot of work sometimes but at the end of the day I only have to do it once for each recipe if I keep my notes. You might be able to work out the cherry cake this way.

Love Guen
Thanks for the hints Guen, don't think am mentally ready to fully get in the swing of things, but preparation is the key!

Wednesday diary:
B - branflakes and skimmed milk 1.5, raisins - 0.5
L - 2xtoast 3, 2xlaughing cow deli light 2, cup-a-soup 1.5
D - turkey breast cooked in onion,soy sauce 2.5, egg fried rice with veg 8?
S - xmas cake 4?5?
Total - 23/24 or 24/24

Didn't work out too bad in the end!

Thursday, so far.....
B - oatsosimple - 2
L - sandwich, bread 3, ham 0.5, salad 0
wheat crunchies 2
yoghurt 1.5
S - hot chocolate!!!!!!

Hmmmm, should really go for the stirfry option for tea, but the pizza is screaming from the freezer!
For 7 points the half a pizza won out :)

So add to my diary
S - pear (forgot it earlier) 1
D - half a pizza 7, salad 0, and tbsp low fat mayo 1!

So as long as hot chocolate (from Wetherspoons) is less than 6 points I am under my 24pts for the day! Whoop whoop!!!

I have been at work all day so far easier not to snack! Am going to bed in a bit so nowt more to add! Night all!
Hey Hun!!!!
It's great to see another food diary! Looks like you've had a great day today. Was just gonna say.... a Pear is 1point, but looks like you already worked that out. Also I just checked on Mackerel... I knew it was high, but I nearly fainted when I saw how HIGH!!!!

Smoked Mackerel,1 medium fillet, 150g 10points!!!!!!!

Don't worry about it too much Hun, just think of all those healthy fish oils and how much it will benefit your health! And at least you know the points value for the future.
I think I should do the same as you and go to bed (that way I won't snack on rubbish all night! lol)
Friday - not too bad, well until boyfriend came home and I made tea!!

B - branflakes and raisins, again, 2
L - 1/4 pizza, 3.5
T - homemade pork curry, again, with rice again! 9pts
S - sm handful grapes, 1

Have been busy all day, taken recycling to tip and been shopping with mum. Bought a slow cooker with my xmas money, can't wait for dinner to be ready when I come home from work!
:eek:I haven't been on for a few days, mainly due to shame. It seems I wasn't ready to commit to this fully. I find it hard cooking evening meals for me and my boyfriend (who isn't overweight etc), work time is fine and being on my feet all day is good.

No excuses really, I am just weak and useless. And I weighed yesterday and have put on pound:cry:

Will talk with my boyfriend and come up with some plan. My mate said she would take me running, well jogging in my case.



Getting married July 2011
Hi Hun,

I'm in the same boat as you! So don't worry too much, ur not the only one!

My bf is a teeny little bit overweight, I think his BMI is currently 26. The first week Or so I was just giving him the dinner that I was having and the poor guy was starving and then wouldn't eat in the evening so he wouldn't tempt me to eat too. During my 3rd WW meeting my leader was talking about family dinners n how men genuinely require more food then us, and it isn't safe to feed them 20Points a day. Since then I have come up with ways to give us both the same dinner but his is bigger! Extra rice or noodles is a common way. Last night it was cottage pie and I gave him a 7 point serving and me a 5 Point. Extra low fat chips works. 2 pieces garlic bread with Italian, a naan with Indian. Just make sure it won't tempt u. We have to get used to eating smaller portions than men cos we always will be!

Love Guen
Thanks Guen, I told him that I wanted to WW again and he said that we should sort out portion control! He hates having any leftovers and usually dishes everything up! That's okay, I should just stop eating, but when it's on the plate in front of you it's so hard!

It seems that alot of people have ready meals, which are easier to point up admittedly, but we cook every night, hence portion probs! Also money is an issue in my house.

Today I have been naughty, but that's mainly because I have had a day off work and have been so bored with my own company! I don't have any hobbies and so boredom equals coffee and biscuits!!!

B - branflakes, 1.5pts
L - vege soup, 2.5pts
S - 5 biscuits, 5pts??; slice of bread n spread 2pts
T - will be some slow cooked chicken thighs and noodles??
it's the first time have used slow cooker so may be rubbish! Will let you know!

That's me so far, will keep you updated!

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