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food diary

hey after looking at jc1976 diary ive decided to start one of my own up please feel free to comment and if u have any advice then dont be shy lol:)

i am allowed 24pts a day

Tuesay....day 1 point counting

nothing 0pts

nothing 0pts

Boiled potato 3pt
Chicken breast 3pt
veg oil 1pt
carrot 0pt
brocoilli 0pt
gravy 2pt
gl skim milk 1pt

Echo bar 3.5pt
Taxi bar 3.5pt

Total 17points
went for a walk and earned 3.5 extra points
didnt do to bad, i know i should really be eating brekkie and lunch but i just didnt have the time

Day 2.........feeling a little motivated

2xweetabiix 2pts
1/2 pt skimmed milk 1pt
med banana 2pts
flav water 1.5pt

flyte bar (the 2bits) 3pts
tea (black) 0pts
crisps 1.5pts

boiled pots 3
chicken 3
brocolli 0
carriots 0
mushrooms 0
onions 0
gravy 0

d.coke 0
med orange 1
crisps 2.5

Total 20.5
didnt do any exercise today accept weigh myself.....ive lost a pound yeah yeah

Day 3.......feeling eccstatic today as i know ive lost weight xx

2x weetabix 2
1/2 pt skimmed milk 1
banana 2
lemon 0
drank loads of water

2x bread 2.5
mayo 1
lettuce 0
onion 0
tomato 0
ham 1slice 1
tomato soup...half can 2
peach 1
d.coke 0

chicken 3
bol pots 3
brocoli 0
carrots 0
mush 0
onion 0
pepper 0
gravy 2.5

med orange 1
2x choc biscuits 6 (dnt even ask i thought they wer far less lol )

Total 28pts

how bad do i feel today, i felt really guilty about going way over my points....but i know ive saved them from the 2days previous
went for a walk today....earned 6 extra points

Day 4.......not happy at all, weighd myself last night again after my dinner and i had the pound i lost back on me again.....plus an extra one. plus we had my partners parents over for dinner so i knew the temptation of dessert was gonna be too much

plum 0.5
water 0

1/2 sharon fruit 0.5
fruit salad 2.5

pot 3
butter 2.5
veg 0
beef 2
gravy 3

Apple tart 5(guessing)
custard 3
cream 1

2 vodkas n d.coke 2
2 bread 1.5
butter 1
mayo 1
ham 1.5
cheese slice 1.5
lettuce (to be healthy lol) 0
bag of crisps 2.5
half pkt of choc fingers 6 (guessing)

Total 37pts
i went to bed last night feeling a little disgusted with myself, like omg how cud i eat that much....i stayed up well past 4am and thats when i got hungry if i hadda been sleeping then i would have been ok
on a happier note i did go for 2 walks, the 1st for 45mins earned 2.5
the 2nd earned 4
total earned 6.5

Day 5 i joined this site for motivation as i can see a pattern starting to form where i am eating just for the sake of eating, i dont want to do that anymore

bowl of coco pops 2.5
skimmed milk 1
1/2 grapefruit 0.5

ww breadx2 1.5
butter 1.5
mayo 1
ham 1.5
lettuce 0
cheese slice 1.5
coffe with sk milk 0.5
ww cookie 1.5
pink n white x2 1
half cream finger 6
diet coke 0

i dont think i will have any dinner tonight, maybe bowl of cereal instead i dont feel hungry

Total 20

can anyone answer me this
out of the five days i am allowed 24p/d = 120 for the 5days
my points = 122.5
then my exercise = 16
so does this mean im still within my points limit and i MIGHT still loose something on monday????

ill keep updated on my food diary

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Hi hon. Hope all goes ok at your weigh in.

A couple of bits of advice. Stay off the scales between weigh-ins. Once a week is plenty and, if you're anything like the rest of us, a mid-week weigh-in can send you into meltdown. It's probably no coincidence that your very bad day this week coincided with you hopping on the scales.

The other is, as Sandy says, you need to eat all your points every day. That's partly to keep your metabolic rate up but also to stop you from bingeing which is what can happen if you undereat for several days.

Lecture over ;)

Your menus are starting to look really good though - plenty of vegetables - well done you x
hey, thanks for all the words of wisdom, keep at me please. I dont keep scales in my house......prob cuz theres no batteries for them, lol i have my friend well warned that when i come to her house to hide them and under no circumstance let me weigh myself. My weigh in is today and ive just been chased up the stairs as she knew i was coming up to weigh myself.....i know i shouldnt really, but i am really anxious about going tonight and getting the chops chewd of me.....even though i know i wont lol....so my good news is according to her scales ive lost 3lbs lol.......i promise i wont be weighing myself now till next monday...i think thats where i need the most motivation lol.

PS....ill not put in that i had chineese food sat night and a fish supper last night.....next week i am turning over a new WW leaf so be prepared everyone for my nasty mood swings lol oj :)
Well hello everyone..........just got weighed yesterday and guesss what....i actually lost 2lb lol.....yea yea go me.

i think i realised the importance of maybe sticking to my points....esp when my friend who done exceptionally well sitting beside me lost 6lb ah well we learn from our mistakes dont we.

so today is tuesday again....

lrg banana 2
water 0
peach 1

dont know what im having for my lunch yet....but ive just bought some WW soup carrot and lentil is yummy
here we go again.

Day one
WW tomato soup 1
2x WW brwn bread 1
water and lemon 0

boiled pots 3
chicken 5
veg 0
oil 1.5
pepper sauce 3
water 0

i also had a little of a chicken box and a chicken ball from the chineese at night time, i only used 14 points so i dont think i used all the points allowance today
Day 2

1/2 bar chocolate 5

2x bread 3
chicken 1.5
onion 0
pineapple 0.5
chips 5
tea 0
pepp dip 3.5

also went for a walk before my lunch, i think it took about 30mins and i was walking pretty fast so i earned an extra 2points

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