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Nikki's Food Diary. Edel look away now!!

Thursday 10th January 2008

2 slices of brown bread 2pts
butter 1pt
Jam 0.5pt

(countless cups of black coffee with sweetner - used to take milk but as I dropped points could think of better ways to spend 2pts per day and made myself like it)

Just a smoothie!!
had LOADS of errands to run on lunch break so tomatoe (0pts) carrott (0pts) and orange (loads so 2pts worth)

(sssttttaaarrrvvvinnng by now)
230grams (cooked) of pasta with nearly half a jar of Healthy Living pasta sauce.

a (full size) crunchie 3.5pts

(planning on having a half a bag of kelkin, low fat popcorn later - 2.5pts)

4 points saved

oh and drank 3 litres of water..

Friday 11th January 2008

Drank countless cups of black coffee with sweetner 0pts
1 sugar free red bull 0pts
3 and a half litres of water 0pts

2 slices of brown bread 2pts
butter 1pt
jam 0.5pt
(I have this EVERY working day - dont have time to eat in the mornings so have this as breakfast at 11am with the girls in work so, you'll see a pattern..

lunch - 6 chicken nuggets from McDonalds 3.5pts
a diet coke 0pts

when I got home I had 2 huge sandwiches:
4 slices of weight watchers bread 2pts
2 tins of ww tuna, mayo and sweetcorn 2pts
lettuce, tomatoe and scallions 0pts

Am going to cinema now in a bit and am going to have a:

Medium popcorn (which is huge) and a diet coke 6.5pts

Total used: 17.5pts 3.5pts saved (paid back!

Saturday 12th January 2008-01-14

2 slices of ww bread (toasted) 1pt
2 slices healthy living cheese (melted on top) 2pts
mustard 0pts
2 ww choc chip cookies

6 chicken nuggets from McDonalds
(rush again - drive through) and diet coke 3.5pts

a healthy living minute steak 2.5pts
loads of mushrooms and onions 0pts
(all fried in 1 cal spray) 0pts
4 slices of Healthy living garlic bread 4pts

a crunchie

18 pts used - 3 paid back!!!

Sunday 13th Jan 08
So, today I had:

60g (the recommended 30g portion is just too small!!) of Special K with chocolate and strawberries 3pts
milk 1pt

OH went to into town and brought me back a 6inch sub from subway - toasted cheese and steak with lettuce, cucumber, onion and english mustard (yum!) 6.5pts

This evening I chopped up loads of lettuce, tomatoe and scallions really tiny, 0pts
mixed with extra light mayonaise and salt (really yummy if you havent tried it!) 0.5pt
and made huge sandwiches with 4 slices of ww bread 2pts

am packed now!! am going to have a crunchie later (for a change
) 3.5pts

So thats 16.5 used, 4.5 paid back!!! ( I know, I should only save 4)

Monday 14th Jan 08

so.... today... countless cups of black coffee with sweetner,

6 chicken nuggets at McDonalds 3.5

when I came home (lol!!!) :
2 sausages 4pts
FIVE large rasher medallions 2.5pts
2 fried eggs 3pts
2 slices brown bread 2pts
tomatoe ketchup 1pt
a WHOLE carton of mushrooms (fried) 0
an onion (fried) 0
(all fried in 1cal spray)

I then had (wait for it....
) a crunchie!!!!!!!! lol! 3.5

Oh and drank 3 litres of water...

19.5 pts used, 1 paid back (woo hoo!! all paid back now!!) and 0.5 saved!
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Still Climbing That Hill!
All Scrumptios Foods there Nikki arn't us WW lot lucky beggers :D
Tuesday, 15th January 2008 (lost 2lbs today!! woo hoo!)
Hi Guys!! hope you are all well!

So today I made more healthy choices lol :D

2 slices of brown bread 2pts
butter 1pt
jam 0.5

at lunch I went to the Burger King drive through and had a spicy piri piri chicken bagette 5pts
and a diet coke 0pts

When I came home, I had:
loads and loads of fried mushrooms and onion 0pts
2 Galtee "sinless" rashers 1pt
a fried egg 1.5
3 slices Healthy Living Garlic Bread 3pts
(all fried in 1 cal spray 0pts)

and..............TWO crunchies!!! :D:D 7pts

So.. thats 21 used today
0 saved

Total saved this week (0.5pts):eek:

I had intended on not having the second crunchie :D but it was calling out to me. ah, there goes those saved points..
mmm the crunchie queen - you know?, that has a nice ring to it, could catch on yet :D

What the hell is wrong with me?? if Im not careful Im going to turn into a blooming crunchie this week!!!

A while ago it was malteasers,..before that curly wurlys.... think I have a serious problem :D
PMSL... !!
OH MY GOD STARLIGHT!!!! were we seperated at birth?????

Thats exactly what I do!!! and people have been calling me strange for years!!!!!

Sorry for getting so excited!! lol! thought I was the only one AND my crunchie eating IS terribly important to me!!:D;)


Still Climbing That Hill!
:cool:,..... oops ! too late - I looked!.....

actually, your food diary doesn't look to bad though. I take it you like crunchies then? hmm, never would have known that! lol.
Wednesday, 16th Jan 2008

Paula!! you HAVE to try it - soooo much nicer and as Starlight said, lasts aaagggess that way!!

Dont think Ill have a chance to come on later so am posting what Ive eaten and what I intend to eat tonight now as I really want to keep this up!! (its keeping me honest!! :D)

2 slices brown bread 2pts
butter 1pt
jam 0.5pts

6 chicken nuggets from McDonalds 3.5pts
a diet coke 0pts

Myself and one of the girls in the office have just had a CRUNCHIE (3.5) LOL!! and do you know what else? - she eats them the way I do!! you think you know someone, huh! :D

When I go home Im having:
FIVE sinless rashers 2.5pts
2 slices of bread 2pts
1 fried egg 1.5pt
tomatoe sauce 0.5pt
fried mushrooms and onions 0pts

(all of the above, just for a change...:D)

so thats 17pts used, 4 saved (have to save the 4 as having a Dominos pizza on Friday night - Ill eat my usual toast and nuggets on Friday in work, so Ill just need 7pts to make up enough for my pizza (small chicken feast at 2.5pts a slice, 6 slices and 2 garlic and herb dips - total 21pts)

Hope you're all well!! xx
Thursday, 17th January 2008

Hi guys!!

Same old food today....

Oh but I meant to say I drank 4 litres of water on Tuesday, 2 yesterday and 3 today.

2 slices brown bread 2pts
butter 1pt
jam 0.5pt

6 chicken nuggets 3.5pts
diet coke 0

fried egg 1.5pts
5 sinless rashers 2.5pts
2 bread 2pts
mushrooms/onions 0pts
tomatoe sauce 0.5pts

and a crunchie!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 3.5pts

Im a disaster for doing this, I find something I like and eat the same thing all week long, by next week Ill be on to something else and eat that for a whole week - it prob sounds so strange but its working so far so Im not too worried!! :)

17 used. 4 saved.

Total saved this week: 8.5pts
Well of course.. I do have my priorities!! he he ;):D


finding my way again !
not strange at all, i went for ages wher every night i would eat couscous, chicken & mediteranean vegetables, i just LOVE it, i'd still happily eat it every night, but am trying to have a bit of variety
Hi nikki, i eat crunchies the same way too there soooo much nicer that way was eating on in the canteen in work today and one of the girls just shot me a weird look :eek: oh she dosent know wat shes missing lol
just wondering are they 3.5 points for the normal size or are they treat size???

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