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Corrie thread..

Nah.. blanche would never.. she couldnt help herself.. and poor michelle.. i really do like becky though.. how long before it comes out what tony did? cos i just know it will.. lol

My bf will sit there and go.. "its not real you know.. these people are fictional characters.. " and il be like.. "nooooo shut up shut up".. lol!


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How can he sleep with Becky when he's got Michelle? What is up with the bloke? I hate this story line
It makes me sad too.. like.. whyyyyyy.. michelles lovely.. and does this mean michelle will find out.. and leave the street?!?!?! i reeeeally like her.. much better as an actress than that terrible band.. lol..

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ooh i wonder, i am tempted to look on digital spy - but won't cos i will splurt it and ruin it for us all!! Course its real, its filmed using CCTV, haha. The story i just can't "get" is the Platt kitchen/ned/parents at it - i mean why? when blanche walked into that court room i gasped, lol, my OH is the same, i am constantly telling him to be quiet cos i am engrossed - he said rewind it and watch it again, grrr!! Men x
ooh i know.. i do like david platt and tina.. (now.. didnt like him when he was all like.. nuts).. but like.. what the hell.. theres obv something dodgy about tina's dad.. i reckon hes gone some deep deep issues. if i came back home.. and found my kitchen gone.. id be hysterical.. i wouldnt just be like.. "oh.. ok then".. iykwim

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yeah david and tina are good but that kid from "jail" is a terrible actor :8855: i could do better!! why writes these stories - mind you, thats why i like corrie, its serious (michelle/steve/becky) and its comic like that jail bird.... unlike eastenders which is always serious!

Can you tell i am a telly addict? mind you my favourite is come dine with me, i just love it oh and i love house guest too - bicker bicker


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I watched it. Love Corrie and last night's was superb. Pure panto.

That's what I love about Corrie, they just have so many hilarious moments. Amazing characters and fantastic acting.

Don't watch any other soaps, and no dramas....'real' stuff for me all the way....but corrie is real innit?? :D

I dont watch much tv tbh.. i watch corrie and lion man.. which i need to catch up on.. im quite boring.. lol.. i watch films though..
I think thats the good thing though deffo.. it has a mix of serious and funny.. cos you couldnt help but laugh when they came in and all the stuff out the cupboards were neatly piled up where the cupboard was.. LOL.. pure comedy..

x x
I have to say I cant stand michelle she is far too bossy she controls steve like mad...love Tina's dad though always have from years back....they could come steal my kitchen if I could snuggle up to him lol...xx
haha.. sandy. you know for a fact i dont live in the real world.. sarah esp knows this.. lol.. "who is that fighter person who is funny"..

x x

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