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Corsodyl mouthwash

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I have just come back from the dentists and i've been told I MUST use corsodyl each day to clear an infection.. I can't find any info on it at the lipotrim site, do any of you know if I can continue on lipotrim while i'm on this course or do I have to come off?
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I can't give you the answer as I'm not quite sure myself but I too am interested to know. I did read a post on here about mouthwash and someone said you could only use 'Listerine', I don't know why. I am currently using 'Dentyl' Clove flavour, simply because I love the taste of it but I don't know whether I should be using it. I don't understand what the difference is using a mouthwash and using toothpaste to clean your teeth?

I also use a spray breath freshener, don't know if that's ok also?
they just say use Listerine cause the rest could take you out of ketosis but for the amount you use of mouth wash I can not see it doing much... but I have heard loads using different mouth wash and were fine, you wouldnt need to come off LT because of it.. i have used that and other mouthwash too when I dont have listerine

xx Cathy xx

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I think as long as its mint and not citrus you should be ok. I would try it anyway as your dental health is important and if you have a virus you want it gone asap x
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Even if it did knock you out of ketosis (not very likely) you are still only having 400ish calories a day so you will still lose weight. I wouldn't stress to much, getting your infection sorted is the main priority xx


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It will not knock you out of ketosis because you will only be swilling it round your mouth and then spitting it out.

Listerine is only for making your mouth smell sweeter really whereas Corsodyl is a medicine for clearing up infections etc in the mouth.

I used it when on CD and had no problems.


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Corsodyl is fine to use.....My pharmacist stock it for LT users.

I got a gum disease from using LT; twice in fact, and had to use the corsodyl gel and the mouthwash.....not pleasant, but didnt affect me at all.

Keep using it and flossing as well. I, stupidly thought, because I wasnt eating I didnt need to floss, but in fact, the opposite couldnt be more truer! You need to floss more than ever now as the plague builds up as you are not chewing. Keep your gum/teeth hygeine up to scratch as getting a gum disease is scarey!

Good luck though and hope you are better soon.


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Brilliant heads up about the dental care and guy hygiene!
heya you can use it no bother but be warned it does stain your teeth...im not just saying this my dads a diplomat of the american dental asociation and when i told him i was going to use it he said i could but only for a short amount of time...hth


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If you clean your teeth prior to using Corsodyl it will not stain your teeth. In fact I believe it says that on the bottle with the original flavour one. Have never checked since the other flavours were brought in.
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Thank you everyone , I have been so down after I posted this I didn't log on for fear I would have to come off... Only just now was I brave enough to check what the answer was ... You ladies and guys on here are really wonderful xxxx

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