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  1. Hi there,

    Could anyone please tell me how much it costs to do the Lipotrim plan weekly/monthly?

    I am just wondering whether it's cheaper than The Cambridge Diet and/or Lighter Life programme?

    Cost is a major factor right now....

    Lindsay's Lard
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  3. ChellyWellyBoot

    ChellyWellyBoot I will be skinny again!!!

    Hi Lindsay..

    Im in northern ireland and it cost me £45 a week.

    The average price in england is £36 per week!
  4. fun1uk

    fun1uk Full Member

    It cost me £36 a week x
  5. nerac123

    nerac123 GO GO GO !!

    36 for me too. Exante (online) do offers on free postage, 1/2 price packs etc. - so might be worth a look if its purely cost. still TFR.

    Good luck,
    Caren. x
  6. copog

    copog Silver Member

    Hi I think most of us pay £36, its cheaper than lighter life who I believe have counsellors not sure about cambridge but im sure others will be along to advise. Although £36 sounds a lot remember there is no other cost and for 3 meals a day not a bad price when you work it out, just over £5 a day and I know I can spend that much on lunch and junk food easily.
  7. Kate08

    Kate08 Full Member

    CD was costing me around £54 a week for 4 meal replacements :)
  8. Mellum

    Mellum Glug Glug Glug

    36 pounds for most :)
  9. Sheep

    Sheep on the up lol

    LT is cheaper IF you can get your GP to do it for you (£26) but good luck trying to find 1 that will do it , none near me will lol, £36 at chemist ( because i heard last time i did this the chemist charges the extra tenner for there time :p
  10. nerac123

    nerac123 GO GO GO !!

    FOR THEIR TIME ???? some chemists should wear a mask and be called Mr/Mrs Hood then - my first chemist didn't actually do anything - and rarely had enough shakes for me !!

    Anyway, found a good one now - and i'm sorted, he deserves the bung !! :)
  11. Sheep

    Sheep on the up lol

    lol @ chemist , i know what you mean , im bk to the first 1 i started with omg hes well strict ( is what i need lol ) he does every think by the book , the other 1 i tryed HA!!! i could walk all over them lol not good , you can complain to lipotirm if you are not happy , after all they DO send the chemist people on a course :)
  12. dunlop73

    dunlop73 Silver Member

    Some pharmacists who flog LT are rubbish judging by the accounts on here. My first one was dreadful and I complained to LT - I think they should be a bit more thorough in who they allow to sell their stuff. It is very easy to underestimate how important the pharmacist is : I changed to a new one after a few weeks and my new one is fantastic. He spends time with me discussing all sorts of things and it really helps me. Although I do believe LT is good value (and as a man I pay £48 a week) a decent chunk of that must be for the support we need and we are entitled to it.
    If you're not happy with your pharmacist complain to Lipotrim and find one who is prepared to give you the advice and help you deserve.

  13. Kate08

    Kate08 Full Member

    Sadly where I am the closest pharmacy to me who does LT is a 20 min one way drive away, with all this ice and snow I'm a nervy driver at the best of times, but I've already got it sorted to get there by train - I'm that desperate not to fall off the wagon by not being able to get there lol

    If this pharmacist is crap, next closest one is an hour away ! :(
  14. Thanks everyone for you response...

    I have now decided to go ahead and give the Cambridge Diet a try. I meet with my Cambridge Consultant next Tuesday (19th).


    Lins x
  15. piardog

    piardog New Member

    As per usual, it is a total RIP OFF in Ireland at €87 per week.

    Danny :mad:
  16. scubalady

    scubalady Full Member

    Good luck Lins, Do let us know how you get on with CD. However don't make us jealous with how nice the shakes etc. are because I've just had a vanilla shake and had to bung a large spoonful of coffee in it as I find them disgustingly sweet. YEUK.

    Cheers, Pat

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