Advice re constipation


Hi, I am starting again tomorrow on the total solution plan. I can get in to the diet ok but usually by day 5 I haven't been to the loo and end up coming off the diet so I can get my system moving again. It really does become agonisingly painful.

So, the adviceI need does anyone know of a gentle laxative that I could take every few days to prevent it getting bad. I was wondering whether fybrogel is OK with this diet as I know it is gentle - I don't want anything too purging. I will drink more water than recommended to help me but that didn't work last time.

Thanks, wish me luck!
Hi there Zozoela, I've just started Exante this week and also had this problem, though I wasn't in pain. I used some Dulcolax overnight capsules to get myself going (and be warned it is VERY effective) and then have started taking psyllium husks from Holland and Barrett, 2 capsules 3 times a day, and it seems to have sorted the problem. Hope that helps.
I found a cap of duclolax always helped me.
Or if all else fails I cook mushrooms as they don't agree with me so always clear me out 😂
I add half a teaspoon of psyllium husk powder to each pack. Doesnt affect the flavour and combats the constipation issue.

It was recommended by a cambridge consultant I think years ago, they even sold it in tubs labelled fiber. Much cheaper in amazon and the same darn stuff.

It's also worth bearing in mind that there isn't a large amount going in, so less will come out if you know what I mean. You might not be as regular as you were.

I find the pysillum husk makes me go every day.
Joining in a bit late here, but adding extra fibre has got to be better and safer than laxatives. The psyllium husk is good, but I use inulin as well, that helps with feeling less hungry too. To be used with caution until you get accustomed to it!
I got a kilo of inulin for a recipe. Now I'm low carb I was wondering how to use it as it's good for good gut bacteria. So II'll be using it for a little sweetness. Apparently it's also good for yeast recipes. Too much - and my gut disagrees!