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Evening all!
It's been a while, I hope you are well.
I have a quick question - I was just wondering what the average price of your CD bars are.? I am currently being charged £2.10 per bar ( apparently CD has put the cost up)
£2 each per soup or shake and an additional cost for consultation. Eash session is now costing just over £50!!
I am literally losing pounds!!! :) I love my CDC but I think that I may have to change soon.
Please let me know your thoughts
S xxx
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CDC's are self employed, and the cost per bar/shake is set by them with a recommended retail price by CD. I do agree it seems a bit excessive, maybe its worth having a look for another counsellor. However, if you get the support that you need then maybe its worth the extra|??


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I understand what you're saying. I also understand everyone needs a payrise each year. But it is hard to manage, I don't think I'm going to be able to keep it up much longer, things cost too much money in life dammit! Lol

I went to my CDC first time tonight since price rises:

Bars £1.90
Shakes £1.65
Soups £1.65
Tetra £1.85
Flavours £6.40
Mix-a-mousse £3.00

My friend was paying £1.55 for EVERYTHING. Jealous! Not sure what the pay-rise is like for her yet though.


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P.s. £2.10 per bar...ouch!

P.p.s. Now I've re-looked at the list I don't think its been much of a rise at all, if one.. hmm x

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£2.10 for bars Ouch!!!

I was paying

£1.65 shakes & soups
£1.90 for both bars & Tetra
£9.00 for Flavouring

No idea how much for mix a moose never had it!

These prices are the new prices since 1st july.....xxx
Here is full list of flavours and RRP. As said above counsellors are at liberty to charge more if they want to CD can only give guidance.


Milkshakes 9 flavours

Chocolate Mint
Toffee and Walnut
Fruits of the Forest

Soups 6 flavours
Chicken and Mushroom

Spicy Tomato
Oriental Chilli
Broccoli and Cheese
Bars 6 flavours
Malt Toffee - covered in milk choc
Caramel - covered in milk choc
Chocolate - covered in milk choc
Orange - covered in plain choc

Peanut Crunch – milk chocolate
Cranberry Crunch – milk chocolate
Ready made cartons come in two flavours
Chocolate Velvet
Banana Bliss

Water flavours 3 flavours - £6.40 per pot
Summer Berries
Sunshine Orange

Savoury VegetableMousse mix - £3.00
Fibre 89 - £5.65
Ketostix - £5.00

Cambridge Inspiration Magazine 1st Edition 60p further editions (quarterly) £1.00.

Cost of Sachets £1.65 each, Ready Made Cartons £1.85 each, Bars £1.90 each.
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My CDC charges the same for shakes, bars, soups and tetras ... £1.55 each. I didn't even realise they'd gone up to £1.65 as the weekly cost hasn't changed since I started last year: I pay £32.55 for 21 packs. I've obviously found a gem of a CDC.
I pay 1.65 for my shakes and soups
I pay 7.00 for my flavourings
I don't have bars or tetras so not sure...

we have to accept that the differences are part of Cambridge... just like the differences we get charged in different shops etc....

I still save money on my weekly shopping bill and all the extras I would have been consuming!


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Serendipity maybe you can speak to your counselor and let her know that the price is a little to high and you are thinking about going to another counselor, maybe she can work something out for you.
Hi, i was paying 1.55 for everything now since the price increases the product prices are -
1.65 for powder shakes
1.90 for bars
1.80 for tetras
i think the above is right im going on tues and thats when the price increase starts. Ill let you know the definate prices once i go.. It does sound like you are paying a lot there though..


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I think I am paying roughly £2.03 or so on a tetra or bar now.
£55 a tray of 27 tetras.

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