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Costa Coffee - Syrup flavouring


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I realised this evening that I have not had my Healthy Extra A, but earlier today I had a medium skim vanilla latte from costa.

I was wondering if I could have the milk as my Healthy Extra A - also I popped the nutrional values of the vanilla syrup flavouring from here into the syn calculator shows this as free ...

Is this right?!

Edit: in the syn calculator I selected it as having no free foods and it came up free. However, in the snackulator it came up as 2.5 syns.

I'm so confused :(
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Yes you can use the milk for your HE.
But unfortunately the syrup will not be free - it is a straight 1 syn for every 20 calories.
I asked my consultant about Da vinci sugar free syrup which is made with splenda. IT HAS NO CALORIES,NO SUGAR,NO FAT ,NO CARBS.It came up free in the calculator but people told me it had to be synned as it wasn't on the list. As I was confused I asked my consultant and she told me it was free even though it wasn't officially listed. She contacted sw and they agreed with her.


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According to the Costa website they don't do a sugar free syrup but that might be wrong. I know Starbuck's do and theirs is syn free.
I think it depends on the brand like everything else.Just thought it may help if people knew they could get syn free ones. I just reread my post and it sounds a bit harsh but didn't mean it that way.Sorry if it came across as rude.x


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Thanks ladies, that's why I used the syn calculator/snackulator.

I put down the drink as a Healthy extra, just need to check if I popped the syns down too.

I think I'm going to stick with 2.5 syns to be safe for the syrup as Costa isn't sugar-free.

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