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Costa gerr


is taking a scenic route
Went inro Costa today and ordered skinny cappincino, sat down and had a sip and thought it tasted a bit more creamy than usual- looked at my reciept and looks as though they had made up a normal 'fat one', feel mega guilty now - too many syns! but thought as i'd already had a sip i shouldn't make a fuss. Wish i could have checked how they were making it but i was keeping and eye on my 3yo who was already sitting at a table (he enjoyed his little babycino bless him). Would you have made a fuss and took it back?
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Yes I would have taken it back but that's not making a fuss, it's getting what you ordered. It happened to me in Starbucks last week. When the coffees were made they'd made a normal capuccino so I asked them to change it. No problem.

Don't worry about drinking it thouggh, just get on with the rest of the day.
i would have taken it back and asked for what you wanted x costa also did this to me, i ordered a tea with skimmed milk but i saw them putting whole milk in and when i asked what she had put it she realised her mistake and had to make me a fresh tea x
I'm terrible at complaining, meaning that I complain at the drop of a hat. My hubby hates it!!! LOL I've even gone back to ask them to put more coffee in, as once I cleared the froth the mug was only half full!! I ask you :)
I think as a nation we're atrocious about sticking up for ourselves in restaurants, cafe's etc. We're just too embarrased usually. I recently ordered a decent SW meal (steak, baked spud & grilled toms & mushrooms). I knew the serving sizes were a bit on the wanting side so I also ordered a side of steamed veg. I'd started on the veg before I noticed a pool of butter at the bottom but I called the server over and asked for a new side without the butter. No ifs or buts, it was replaced in a trice. I will deffo be doing the same again from now on.


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I would have said something. Im usually one of the minority who does cause a fuss :giggle: If i dont get what i order then i will complain, im paying them money to give me what they want? I dont think so!!


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I'm a complainer too! But if I get great service I make it known. I've often emailed places to remark on it.
This happened to me in Costa...I got a takeaway skinny latte and I sw that that girl had used full fat milk. She assured me it was skinny, so when I got back to my office everyone tried it and it was definitely full fat.

So I went back and had a bit of a row with the barista and got exactly what I ordered.

I'm a bit of a complainer. If I pay for something, I expect to get exactly what I ask for.

On the other hand, I just looked up the syns for you, and a small full fat cappucino is 3.5 syns, medium is 5 syns and large is 6 syns...so it's not all bad at all!



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we do to, or we leave a decent tip :) Its nice to recieve compliments myself so why not give them when deserved :giggle:

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