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Costco and Slimming World!

Hey everyone, im not sure how many of you go to Costco but im sure you will agree that its normally a SW danger zone with all the bulk buys of oh so delicious cakes, pastries, breads, chocs and everything else synfull!

However, ive been today and check out the size of this beast!

I loooove Ainsley Cous Cous because its so quick and easy and low on syns and its only £3.95 for this large tub which contains 30 servings. There are some cracking offers on fresh meat this month as well so ive stocked up well for my SW restart!
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Not evil at all
Reminds me, I bought a gigantic tub of very lazy garlic at Costco the last time I went, as garlic is in almost every SW recipe I make! It cost about £6 but is well worth it, would cost you around £12 to buy the same amount of it in normal shops! Costco's actual garlic is a really good deal too, the cloves are much bigger and tastier than garlic from say Asda or Morrisons and cheaper! Can you tell I love garlic :p
what is costco? is it a wholesalers?
I have this at my work!!!
Also, Costco sell some of the SW books for £9.99,noticed them the other day when I was getting my stash of wee cherry tomatoes :D
Evilpenguin - i am a garlic freak as well and yes, i have the lazy garlic too!!

Have you noticed that the fruit and veg is supersize as well? I bought a honeydew melon for £2.19 and you should see the size of the thing - its bigger than one of my cats!
I love Costco. I buy all my fresh meat and fish etc from there, as it is miles cheaper. I just divide it all into meal portions and then freeze it till I need it.

I don't get tempted by the bread etc, as I dont tend to look at it. We always go there after lunch too, which means because we have just eaten, we are less likely to throw things in the trolley that we dont really need, we just go in and get what we need and are out again.

I also love the fruit, they do a huge bag of red grapefruits which are the best. I love have those for brekkie with my toast etc.

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