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taking control (again)
I'm just wondering how much doing this diet costs.
Do you have to pay the councellor? or do they get commission through the products you buy?
I did just speak to my local lady and when I got off the phone I realised I hadn't asked her
The CDC's do make their commission when you buy products from them, although I have seen it mentioned that some of them charge a "starters" fee. Prices can vary from one CDC to the next. I would suggest calling or emailng a few local ones to find out prices. £1.70 for shakes/soups and £1.95 for tetras/bars was the cheapest I was quoted. But as I said in another thread a day or so ago, the important thing is that you are happy with the CDC and the service that they are providing.


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Hiya, it varies on what products you have and which plan you follow, I'm on SS+ and the base cost is around £48 a week, but if you add water flavourings etc then that bumps it up, you get the products from your CDC each week HTH :)


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hi and welcome
I'm on ss+ four packs a day, it costs me about £48 but that includes some tetra's which are a bit more, on 3 aday its about 33 to 36 a week. hope that helps....... plus you need to like your cdc and feel happy with them


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My cdc charges me £39.90 for a weeks worth of shakes. But from what I gather the prices vary from counseller to counselle so maby phone around and get a few qoutes xxx
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I'm paying £1.80 per sachet and £2 per tetra (and bars); also got charged £3 for the 2 booklets. Does that seem high to others then? I thought it was a fixed price so didn't think of checking with other CDCs around my area.
She also doesn't seem to stock all the flavours but I'm not sure if she was just out of stock on them or if she doesn't normally have them all as I've only seen her once so far.

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