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Could have been VERY embarrasing!

Discussion in 'SlimFast' started by Stirky7, 17 June 2009 Social URL.

  1. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    I usually live in jeans/trousers, but this morning the sun was out (not now! :cry:) and I was feeling quite good about myself so pulled a dress out of the wardrobe that I haven't worn for AGES!! Quite shocked as it fitted and hubby said I looked really nice in it, awww!

    So off I went to drop the kids to school. As I got out the car I could feel my knickers (big comfy short type ones lol!) had slipped a bit, thought it was just becasue I'd been sat in the car, so secretly adjusted them and carried on with kids. :sign0007:

    I then had to go to the shops, was walking back to car with a heavy bag in each hand, when all of a sudden I could feel my knickers falling down :eek:! I had to quickly stop and try to grab on to them without anybody noticing, don't know if they did but better than them being round my knees lol! :rotflmao:

    Needless to say I went home and found another pair! Although one good thing I think I must've lost some weight off my bum and hips, and I think I need to go knicker shopping!!!
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  3. redmel

    redmel Dreamer


    Good job you managed to save them...people would have had a good :peep:;)

    I seem to have ones that are too tight and ones that are too big.....none actually fit properly:eek:

    Mel x
  4. Sass

    Sass Well-Known Member

    Oh stirky you make me laugh, i'm pleased you managed to catch them before they hit your ankles. Yep me thinks knicker shopping sounds like a must !!!
  5. drbetteridge

    drbetteridge Well-Known Member

    Embarrassing, but I bet you felt good!
  6. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Yep lol, I definitely need some new knicks!! And yes Denise it did feel rather good that they were too big, hehehe! I need to sort out my clothes anyway and have a good chuck out session me thinks!
  7. FeelingFat

    FeelingFat Well-Known Member

    God that made me laugh!!!

  8. trimlee

    trimlee Love God; Love People

    Fantastic Stirky; that is just classic! Doesn't it feel good though?!
  9. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    You'll all be very pleased to know that I took a trip to Tesco's this morning and bought some new kincks! LOL! :silly:
  10. drbetteridge

    drbetteridge Well-Known Member

    granny or girly? ;)
  11. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    Girly lol!
  12. redmel

    redmel Dreamer

    Yay...new knicks:D:D You can wear your dress without fear LOL

    Mel x
  13. Stirky7

    Stirky7 Believe!

    If the sun ever comes out again lol! Have a new pair on today, with jeans just incase lol, size 14 and fit lovely ;)

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