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Could I have some help getting back on the wagon please?


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I've been totally messing up but I'm determined to get back on track again. Can I have a shove in the right direction please? Can I actually do this? I've lost faith in myself. :( I'm not making excuses but I have been ill and it's left my motivation at an all time low.

I'm having stomach issues too. I'm going to try and eliminate wheat from my diet to see if that helps, is it possible to stick to that on SW? I'm waiting to be referred to see what's causing these problems but until then, I'm altering my diet on my own. It's definitley not a lactose intolerance.

Night bingeing is the worst! I take medication at night that sedates me and zombifies me, so I don't know what the heck I'm doing. I woke up this morning with a vague idea that I'd got up in the night and I had.......I'd eaten an entire loaf of bread. OMG! :eek: I hate these meds but I need them to function. Any ideas on dealing with the night eating? I'm considering selotaping my mouth at night and seeing if that helps!

Sorry, this was long but I'm feeling low and needed to get it all out. I desperately want to make SW work for me.
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Hi Mate

I really can't help with the medical and night eating thing as know nothing about it, but with the "can I do this?" question, I can say...


We all have so many obstacles daily, and if we allow those obstacles to be the things that dominate our lives, we will never be able to control our eating and should resign ourselves to being overweight.

If, however, you want to be the person in control, take positive steps to get rid of any obstacles. Don't allow your mind to say "yes, but" and find an excuse. Instead, work towards a solution.

SW works- that cannot be debated. It is only ever our minds that stop it from working by sabotaging our attempts.

Draw a line, work out positive steps you can take and put your best efforts into giving it another go



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Hey Xassy,

One thing is that SW plan definately works and can be adapted for lost of different people as the variety of food you can eat / make on here is immense.

I am going through some tests for Coeliac at the moment so have removed wheat from my diet by eating fresh fruit. veg, meat, fresh sauces etc adn replacing pasta and cereals with wheat free versions

With the night binging why dont you make sure you make a few tubs of pasta / chilli / SW quiche and then the only thing you can binge on is free food ??

Lots of luck to you.. Lisa xx
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We can help, just keep posting on here when you feel a wobble and get the support to keep you on track. Take each day or hour at a time and don't let food dominate your life. Eat to live not live to eat and don't let health problems detract from your mission. I know it must be hard but they will get sorted out, may take a while but they will get sorted. In the mean time hun give yourself something to aim for but only make it a small goal, larger ones can be a bit of a negative motivator cos they take too long to achive, but the small ones are a real boost when you get to them.


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With the night binging why dont you make sure you make a few tubs of pasta / chilli / SW quiche and then the only thing you can binge on is free food ??
Thank you. That's a fantastic idea. I was leaving out loads of fruit but it wasn't 'doing it' for me. Idk why I didn't think to leave out some pasta or something. Two heads are indeed better than one!


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Hi Xassy!
I am trying to drag myself (kicking and screaming today) back onto the wagon... we could help eachother!!
We all know that SW can be totally sucessful if you stick at it... so as long as we plan what we eat in advance and make sure plenty of free food around... theres no reason why we cant do this!!!

Stay positive!! xx

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