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Could I have some help please?

So I failed to start today - had a major wobble thinking I couldn't possibly succeed on it.

However, I am determined to do it. But on Tues I have to leave my house at 5.30am to drive to Cheltenham (from Preston) to visit a supplier. I will have to have breakfast before I leave and then will only get lunch at about 12.30ish I guess - and on past experience it will be sandwiches (tho they are very nice) and if I am lucky, chicken drumsticks and maybe the really nice fruit skewers.

I was thinking to have both HEB at breakfast to have 56g of porridge (I am used to having 50g of porridge with WW) and some fruit and then syn the bread at lunchtime. I fear there may be biscuits in between as well! It will have to be a red or green day to do that - then maybe have some quorn for tea.

I can't see a way of doing an EE day that day if I want to have a huge bowl of porridge and I don;t really want to spend too long cooking breakfast!

Breakfast is a bit of a huge concern to me in general if I can only have 28g of porridge as I know from past experience how hungry I get (I start work at 7am). I suppose I need to think outside the box a bit.
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I think it is very easy to look at any plan and see what you cannot have - a different, and more positive way - is to look at what you CAN have.:D

28g porridge goes further with a chopped banana in it, followed by an apple and a free yogurt.

On days you have more time you can cook yourself a fab SW breakfast :)

You could experiment with 'breakfast rice' - basically pudding rice cooked in water til soft, then add a free yogurt for flavour (this of course is free, but don't go mad, it can be this sort of subsitution that can lead to maintains rather than losses - sometimes makes a nice change though, and dead filling!)

All those biscuits could be exchanged for ryvitas (check your book for how many you get as a b choice) or a punnet of grapes / bag of apples / punnet of plums / bag of satsumas - and of course these start to increase your balance of superfree foods!
I have given up on the 28 g of cereal and go for either 2 weetabix , then fruit and yoghurt , or 42 g ( which is loads ) of all bran with starwberries , bananas and a yoghurt on top ... really really filling and lovely and crunchy :)


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For breakfast lately, I have half a grapefruit before I start work, then a while later I have a massive bowl of chopped strawberries, banana and blueberries, covered in a muller yoghurt and topped with a crumbled alpen light bar (1/2 a hex b). It really REALLY fills me up and I can go a good few hours until lunch. The bonus is I don't use my 'a' choice and only half a 'b' choice, so can have something else later - either the other alpen, a fruit ryvita or a piece of bread with my lunch :)


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How about taking some boiled eggs in the car to munch if you get hungry?
I make up 28g Porridge with 1 scan bran crushed into it...make it with water then stir through 11g Options ( 2 syns ) and as much Fat Free Fromage frais as you want. It really filling and only 1 HeB....that was you can take 2 Alpen Lights to nibble on too :D

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