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  1. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    Hey, hope you don't mind, it has been along time since i did low carbing (except vlcd)..

    I have had today :
    2 cups decaf coffee with full fat cream (was in heaven)

    2 x tesco thick pork sausages 10.1carb per 100g of which sugar 2.5 fibre 1.8 ?
    2 x bacon
    1 x fried egg

    pork scratchlings
    slice of tesco mild chedder cheese

    home made burgers made from steak mince and egg.
    large hand full of lettuce.
    5 large mushrooms.
    used butter to cook mushrooms
    and 3 slices of cheese.

    1.5 litres of water, on another bottle now.

    I am going to have a lipotrim shake for bed, and perhaps an atkins choc bar if i get peckish later..

    Does this sound ok? I don't want to overdoo it on the carbs... :D
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  3. RainbowCookie

    RainbowCookie Full Member

    :nono: Im sure jim will be along shortly to say more veggies, lol.

    Watch out for cheese, should be limited to about 3 oz a day.

    Sausages are high in carbs, there are lots of lower ones about.

    Its alright, but you need more veggies of you will get v constipated with all that meat. xx
  4. amethyst

    amethyst Banned

    Will end up having atkins bar after cus they so sickly, they have carbs in them! They always make me go loo!! lol
  5. Sarah_P

    Sarah_P Happy to be slim at last

    I saw a post from Jim yesterday that said you should try to get all of your 20g net carbs from veggies in induction. Can't remember which thread I saw it on now. I am sure Jim will be on tomorrow to help further. :D
  6. Jim

    Jim Big Boy

    LOL, beat me to it. Yes you should try and get the majority of your carbs from nice healthy green leaf veggies.

    You may want to watch the cheese, on induction it should be no more than 2Oz per day.

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