Could someone advise on my menu?

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hi there. have been silly a weighed after 4 day and lost nothing as yet. im always a slow loser, but this has wobbled me a bit :(
could someone have a look at my food diary so far and tell me if it looks worthy of losing?
thanks so much xx

Saturday 02/01/10

tinned spaghetti, poached egg, blueberries, grapefruit, sweetener

Sweet potato wedges with cajun seasoning
grapefruit, sweetener

Spag bol made with small amount normal mince (whoops- only just realised this!) onion, green pepper, celery, carrot, tinned toms, pasta. HEA RF cheddar

mugshot, blueberries,
1x quality street (3 syns)
glass wine (5.5 syns)

2 x 30 mins wii freestep

Sunday 03/01/2010


grapefruit, sweetener

tinned spaghetti, pitta bread (HEB)

Snack- mugshot, apple, pear

spag bol as yesterday
cheese (HEA)

leftover pasta & cheese (3 syns)
8 olives (1 syn)
1 roses (2 syns)
creme caramel (4 1/2 syns)


BFAST-snap pot baked beans, pitta bread (HEB)

LUNCH- baked sweet potato, grated cheese (1/2 HEA)

DINNER- paella (rice, peas, onion, pepper, prawns) three wafer thin slizes of chirozo (?3 syns)

supper- tin heinz ravioli (1.5 syns) pitta bread (6 syns)
milk in tea (1/2 HEA)


BFAST- mugshot

LUNCH- pitta (HEB) cream cheese (1/2 hea)
sushi (3 syns) 8 olives (1 syn)

DINNER whole rainbow trout, baked. ratatoui (?sp) mixed canneloni, aduki and something else beans, sweet potato chips.

SNACKS hot choc (2 syns)
fromage frais with options (2 syns) and banana
milk in tea (1/2 HEA)
sf squash, diet coke, tea/coffee

total syns=8
20 mins wii fit free step
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Looks fine to me except that mince obviously but you've had under your sysn so shouldn't prevent you losing. I would wait for the official WI - not your own scales as they are so inaccurate. I'm sure you'll show a good loss after 7 days
C xx


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Don't weigh, don't weigh, DON'T WEIGH!!!

Or, if you do weigh, don't pay any attention to what the weight on the scales actually says!

The only weigh in that matters is the weekly one at your class, or home scales or Boots (or wherever you go to WI).

I think your food generally looks fine. You'll need to syn that mince in your bolognese, as it isn't extra lean, and that will pull up your syns total, but nothing you shouldn't be able to claw back. You can have 15 a day - up to 105 a week. Eat up to will likely find you get better losses when you eat more syns!
Make sure you are weighing your healthy extras (don't guesstimate) and that your grapefruit is fresh, not tinned. Drink plenty of water/sugar free cordial and you should be okay.

Other things to bear in mind:
-You haven't got that much to lose, really. Believe me, as I started at a similar weight to you and have similar goals...and I am also a slow loser! It is just harder. Unfortunate but true.
-Exercise is good! Keep that up. Take your start measurements and re-measure every month or so. You'll soon start seeing s difference in inches.
-Portion sizes: Yes - SW does say you can eat as much free food as you want, but in reality you should eat to your appetite, not beyond. Don't stuff yourself silly just because you can.

Keep at it, you'll get used to it and the weight will come will :)


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Is this extra easy because you should have a third of your lunch plate as superfree foods. May the stop you having to have a mug shot as a snack if you feel fuller xxx


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I would say the same as Brightonrosie. If you have more veg with your meals you wouldn't need to snack on Mugshots every day.
Try to snack on fruit and veg if you want a better weight loss.


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looks fine honey. dont worry too much about the mince as you probably have not used all your syn allowance for the week anyway. relax pet and enjoy your food...more importantly stay off the bloomin scales!

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S: 12st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks, all noted. the beginning of the week was a bit samey and mugshoty as we hadnt been shopping and that was all we had- am fully stocked now.
Hellie- good to know its not just me, sometimes reading posts on here can be so demoralising when people lose so much so quickly, and even lose when not sticking to plan- it seems so unfair but i guess it evens out by the amount others need to lose.

*Cherry On Top*

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S: 12st11lb C: 12st11lb G: 11st0lb BMI: 32.7 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks everyone, i ket the faith and the scales are showing -2lb yesterday (i know but i cant resist dong my wii body test!) so im sticking with it and upping the exercise! xx