Could someone please, clarify a couple of questions for me please?


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hi there
im new, please be

im doing the red/green days,....and i am only on day 3,....but i have a couple of questions, that i need clarifying!

Can i snack on the free foods,..whenever i want, inbetween meals...or do i have to have to stick, to 3 meals aday,.stuffing whatever food, into those 3 meals...with no snacking???

i struggle to drink the water,...are my tea/coffee/ diet soda...included, into the 6-8 glasses a day???

also,...i havent used any syns, yet, it wise to make myself use some syns,...or am i fine without!??

thank you very much, in advance, anyone that can clarify these!!

much love
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Answers below for you...

You can eat when you want. iI you want to eat 6 times a day you can, as long as you are eating because you are genuinely hungry, rathere than for the sake of it.

There's a big debate on the whole water/tea/coffee thing. I personally try to drink 2 litres of plain water a day. No Added Sugar Squash is fine as well IMO (but it is just my opinion). I drink tea & coffee as well, but don't count it in my 2 litres.

Syns- you definitely need to use them. At least 5 a day, otherwise you aren't following the plan.


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Hi Gina,

You can snack on whatever you want however it helps to snack on free or superfree food if you can.

I count tea, coffee and squash into my daily water allowance but don't know if you can county fizzy drinks. I'm sure someone else will clarify.

You should use between 5 and 15 syns a day and you really should try and use some now because if your weight loss plateau's you'll not be able to reduce your syn allowance to kick start your weightloss again.

Good luck!


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Hi Gina,

Free food is exactly that-free. You can eat as much or as little as you want & you can eat whenever you want. Just don't eat for the sake of it and when eating meals stop when you're full (satisfied). All meal plans recommend you fill 1/3 of your plate with superfree foods.

I can't drink water so I have sugar free squash (Robinsons) & thats fine. I think tea (not sure about coffee as I don't drink it) can contribute towards your water for the day but obviously nothing is as good as a glass of water plus some of your mug will be milk from your HEXA allowance.

Syns are there to be used, you don't have to use all of them everyday but usually 10-15 a day is recommended. I've always been told that as you get nearer to target you reduce your syns so make good use of them now! Do some research & you'll find plenty of low syn snacks. My fav is a curly wurly for 6 syns, perfect for that chocolate fix! :)

Hope that helps x


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Hi there,

I have just restarted this at home after a bit of a gap, and don't have the most up to date books, so am prepared to be told I'm wrong, but as far as I understand it...

You can snack between meals on free food (ideally super-free fruit and veg, but any free food), or indeed your HEXs if you have them to spare, or syned treats. Obviously it is a bad idea to 'snack' on a full roast dinner (!), but I think most people have the odd snack mid-morning or mid afternoon to keep them going, as long as it is factored into the plan. The key though is to only eat when you feel hungry, not for the sake of it.

Water - yes tea and coffee, squash etc count towards your fluid intake, but obviously pure water is better, so try to include as much of that as you can.

You are not expected to use all your syns everyday (15 syns is a maximum, not a target), but they do make the diet more sustainable, so don't feel guilty about using them to have a treat occasionally, or to add something to a meal (e.g. mayo or ketchup). These are things that make the difference to our ability to stick to it long term. Better to have a synned treat occasionally than to deny yourself and then give up because you feel too deprived.

Hope this all makes sense!

Good luck - you can do it. It takes a bit of getting use to, but once you get started it is quite easy!


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all liquids you drink contribute to your allowance BUT you should be trying to drink plain water as much as you can for the benefits to your liver. Fizzy pop will hydrate BUT it takes effort for your liver to process so isn't good in a detox sense.

I usually have a wee tiny bit of squash in my water as I can't tolerate plain water - it gives me heartburn lol

Walter Bishop

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On SW you can eat whenever you are hungry whatever that may be. My snacks could be free foods, synned food (e.g. some crisps or chocolate) or Healthy Extras or a combination of some or all three.

Syns must be used. You may not use all of them (I lose better when I have around 7 a day) but if you start off having none or very few you could start to have cravings and also will have nowhere to go if your loss plateaus a bit.

Good luck!


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Thank you ladies,......very quick replies,..and very imformative,....i am now clarifyed!

Gina x