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could someone please tell me....

could you tell me please what amount of water per day is average and what amount I should aim for, for best weight loss results???
And how much on average do you all pay for you packets of shakes???
My brother-in-law has just joined cd and is paying 30p per packet less than me ( he buys a months worth at a time and is in a different area to me) !!!!
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I pay around £32 a week but it's up to cdc what they charge!
I drink 4 ltres of water a day and seems to work for me. Good luck x
I pay £1.66 per sachet (used to be £1.65 with my old CDC), £1.85 for a tetra and £1.95 for a bar.

I drink between 3½ and 4 litres a day and have been doing ok. My last month weight loss is lower as I am now on the 810 plan.
I pay £35 regardless of what I have
Water varys,but at least 4 sometimes as much as 6,especially if out in evening...drank 3 litres on a hen night the other night...guess how much sleep I got!!
Now just another quick one...... I'm on SS+ and weight loss has slowed down over the last 2 days.. should I change to SS??? or stay on SS+


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I pay just over £35 each week but have 6 tetras in that. There's going to be a price increase soon which will bump things up a little bit, but shouldn't notice it too much on the shakes, soups and tetras as I think the biggest increase is on the fibre 89 and water flavourings (15p I think), the others are going up 5p I think.

As for water, I think I usually drink about 10 pints a day, less if I am going anywhere ;)
I drink 4-5 litres daily but just because of toilet issues if I drink less :(

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