counsellors role???


Is determined this time..
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Hi Everyone,
Hope u are all doing really well , I just have a quick question..can someone please tell me what contact you have with your cc.
I was oozing motivation at the start but the last few days have been really hard :sigh:
I am nearly 2 weeks on this diet but i would love even the odd email to see how i am doing.
I dont want to say anything and embarrass myself if selling the product is all they are there for :(
Hope to hear from you soon:wave_cry:
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Depends on your CDC. I see mine once a week to get my stuff but she books me in for an hour and we talk about how im doing.
She doen't text me to see how im getting on but I know i can text her when ever i want, and when i have she has gotten right back to me.
Speak to your CDC and ask her if you can call her or text her when you need a boost. if she says no, get yourself a new one.
thay should do more than just sell you the shakes but how much more depends.


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Hi there, I think the cdc should do more than sell shakes etc in the first week my cdc called/emailed and text lots to see how i was going which was great as it kept me going till weigh in. Nowadays she tends to email once a week but I know I can call or email her if I ever need to and we spend about an hour catching up at weigh in!

You should feel a bit more supported xx


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I've had two & it totally depends. The first one I ended up leaving the because she threw her opinions at me & made me feel awful for having my own opinion....

The one I'm with now is ace! He texts me & my mum all the time & spends ages with you, my mum text an sos message to him last night & he rang & was on the phone for ages.

Just cross your fingers that you have a good one.


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My CDC is lovely but I just hand my money over and she moves on to the next. Last week I turned up and she weighed me at the same time as talking to someone else. She asked if I was ok and then before I replied asked me what I required. All the advice and support I get I get on here. :)


Is determined this time..
S: 21st7lb C: 21st7lb G: 14st7lb BMI: 47.1 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Girls thanks a mill, I found a thread on this and it was just the motivation i needed!
I think i just expected to hear from her once or twice and because everyone keeps telling me that its such a bad diet i dont want to talk to them about how I am getting on ( or how i was struggling). i am so proud of myself for not cheating if i am honest if i had of done this or any other diet where they called i would have cringed because i always cheated..
Busybee this site will be all i need from now on ;)
Thanks so much !XX


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Hi - my CDC weighs and runs every week. The only contact I have is when I send my order and she replies 'OK'.

When I have asked her questions she is willing to answer but I have had all my support here.


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my cdc is great, sends texts during the week to see if I'm ok, especially if I've had a bad week previously, and also to motivate me, Spends time at weigh in talking. I can also phone cdc if I need to.


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hi guys - all CDCs run their business differently....I like to keep in touch with clients (especially newbies :)) - try to text them at least once a week and more if they are struggling.....and they all know I'm just a text or call away if they need me !

good luck to you all with your weight loss journeys.....:)

Debz xx


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I agree, each CDC is different. Mine is nice & has given me email, phone & mob numbers... it makes sense for them to want to support you, or surely you'd vote with your feet and find someone else? I do wish there was more 'counselling' though, my CDC doesn't really have answers for a lot of the questions I ask and yet spends a fair bit of time telling me about her struggles! But then she is quite new to it so I guess we are both still learning.
I think this site is brilliant for support, advice and motivation... couldn't have done this without you guys!