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Countdown to Mexico!!

Dear All,

I started a diary here a few weeks ago - it certainly helped, but after a 2lb gain yesterday i am wiping the slate clean and starting again! I have seven weeks until i am off to Mexico - ideally i want to shift a stone, but will happily accept half a stone which is do-able. I will post pictures too as it is an extra incentive to be good if you can all see what i am stuffing down my neck.

Thanks for reading and if any of you have any hints or tips (and not just to lay off the wine :), they will be gratefully received.

Diary today to follow.
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Friday 14th October

Breakfast - SW quiche (ham, eggs, mushrooms, toms, spring onion) and a slice of melon.

s. apple

l. prawn noodle soup (prawns, noodles, ginger, onion, garlic, chilli, sweetcorn, mushrooms, asparagus and pepper). I also have a muller and some raspberries for pud.

d. will be salmon and something - not sure what yet, but will update later. I will save my HEx for Alpen lights and cheese later.

Happy Friday everyone
so minor changes - starving when i got home, so had 2 x WM crackerbread, quark and cucumber (1/2 HEB - i think!)

Dinner was a one pot cook of sliced new pots, pak choy, asparagus, leeks, chorizo, salmon, herbs and a splash of sherry - i would say in total no more than 4 syns per serving (and that is being extra safe).

As predicted, i had 2 x baby bell for my HEa and an alpen light for the remainder of my B choice.

All good choices so far and long may it continue! Thanks for reading! x
Saturday 15th Oct

Up having breakfast and watching the rugby - a SW grill up = mushrooms, tomatoes, scrambled egg, bacon and HEb toast - YUM!

Going to a party tonight so am planning to eat something before going and will try to stick to vodka and diet pop. Happy Saturday everyone. x


So its Monday Morning again - boo! and to top it off woke up with period - double boo! so feeling fat, heavy and tired - what a start!!

The rest of the weekend was OK food wise - On saturday, my friend came over and we went walking over the the fields for 6 miles - when we got back i had a slice of SW quiche, some melon and then a couple of WM crackerbreads with quark and peppers (2).

Very sensibly we had spag bol before we went out to the party - i resisted the buffet which was HUGE - although i did sneak 4 twiglets, but i figured i danced them off. I stuck to vodka and diet coke, and frankly i have no idea how many i had.....but felt OK yesterday, so couldn't have been that many...

Sunday was OK - a bit off plan due to friends round for lunch - breakfast was a bacon and tomato (HEb) sandwich - met friends for drinks (2 x vodka and slims - 5), then back to ours for roast lamb, SW roast pots, carrots, cauli and green beans - gravy (1) and 1 yorkie (3). I had some cheese (HEa) and fruit for pud. I did have three glasses of wine (18) and an alpen light in the evenin (3) -so all in all 30 syns for the day - could have been worse. I will try to keep syns to a minimum until WI on thursday, but not too hopeful as period is here (sorry TMI). Hope you all had a corking weekend and heres to a good SW week. x
Good SW Day - hurrah!

Monday 17th Oct

banana and gym

b. 2 x boiled eggs and a slice of melon

l. leek and potato soup, ww crackerbread (HEb) and 3 LCL (0.5HEa) and cucumber. FF Activia and raspberries

s. couple of slices of ham

d. SW shepherds pie (lean lamb, carrot, onion, celery and mushroom), new pot mash and gravy (3), served with cabbage, green beans and broc.

s. baby bell (0.5 HEa) and alpen light (3)


Exciting news - picked up my new car last night - bad news, the garage have just picked it up and taken it away - all the warning lights came on this morning!! Oh well, such is technology - i hope they fix it or i will be stranded here all night. I just heard today that the hardest day to diet is a Tuesday, but thats just not so it is people?? SW is easy once you get your head around it!! Happy Tuesday folks. x
S: 15st0lb C: 12st4.4lb G: 10st10lb BMI: 27.8 Loss: 2st9.6lb(17.9%)
Dinner was a one pot cook of sliced new pots, pak choy, asparagus, leeks, chorizo, salmon, herbs and a splash of sherry - i would say in total no more than 4 syns per serving (and that is being extra safe).
This sounds sooo yummy! :drool:

Good luck with your weight loss, and have a fantastic time in Mexico! xx
Tuesday 18th October - EE

Another 100% day - yippee!

No gym - simply could not drag my sorry @ss out of bed - so had a half hour lie in and cuddle in the warmth - Note to self - set timer for central heating!!

breakfast - SW pasta/veg quiche (fancied a minor change) and melon (1 syn for pasta n sauce - i made enough for four portions, so this is being v over generous..)

lunch - same as yesterday - leek and pot soup, crackerbread (Heb) and 3 LCL (1/2 HEa) and cucumber. Melon and muller - GOT to love the choc sprinkle variety!

snack - Banana

dinner - jambalaya - rice dish with celery, onion, mushroom and pepper with lots of spices, pinch of this and that, stock, tinned toms - when rice has absorbed the stock, added whatever you fancy, we added shredded chicken and some prawn - we had flavoured the pan with a bit of chorizo (1) - served with a pile of char grilled asparagus - would have taken a picture but was too bloody greedy!! It was really lush.

Then had a baby bell (1/2 HEa) and an alpen bar (3)

Total (5)

Another 100% day - hurrah! Happy Weds everyone x
Weds 19th October

banana and gym

breakfast - quiche (1) and melon

lunch - leek and pot soup (AGAIN), crackerbread (HEb), cucumber and LCL (0.5 HEa) - Muller and raspberries

dinner - Roast Duck (fat removed), roast new pots, served on spinach and mushrooms with steamed broc, leek and carrot and gravy (1)

snack - 1 x baby bell (0.5 HEa) and alpen light (3)


Another 100% day - which is good - WI tonight and i am a bit nervous. I had two people say to me in the last 24 hours "have you lost weight" - which is nice, but also had the "You look ever so tired" from two others :rolleyes: Fingers crossed for a bit of a loss tonight - it is "you know what" week, so not expecting much, but keeping everything crossed anyway.

Happy Thursday everyone x
Sounds like your doing well, I've just finished my first week and lost 5lbs :) still learning and living the meal ideas!!!

We went to Mexico last year, it was amazing, were about's are you going??? So jealous!!!!
Thursday 20th Oct

Banana and bootcamp

breakfast - sw quiche (1) and blackberries

lunch: A CHANGE FROM SOUP!! Salmon salad (grated carrot, spring onions, peppers, toms and cucumber) with a big dollop of cottage cheese. Followed by rasps and muller

Dinner: Kheema Curry with saffron rice (from EE Cook book) - Mint and cucumber riata with mango, chilli and red onion salsa - 2 popadums (3)


WEIGH IN - LOST 4LBS!!! Am very chuffed with this - got my half stone award at class and am determined to do well again this week. I am out tonight with the girls (which is always boozy) and on Sunday have a posh lunch out, but they are only two occassions and being good for the rest of the time should not affect me too much. Happy Friday everyone. TFIF indeed. x
OMG that is so strange.... That is were we stayed!!!! It's amazing, it's the best holiday we have ever had!! The facilities are fantastic, and I hate to say it the food is out of this world, so much choice and all of it excellent. There is an amazing martini bar too, were they make about 100 different types, I just sat going through different flavours through the two weeks. Honestly you will have an excellent time! So So jealou!!!!!!

I am pleased with my weight loss and still really determined to keep it up as well as the exercise, I go back to work on Monday after my miscarriages so not going to have as much time to plan as I do now so just hope I can keep it up.

Hope your doing well x
Wow what a small world! Part of the reason of going is because i heard the food was so wonderful :drool: Would love to know if you have any recommendations for trips, or restaurants.

Good luck going back to work - i am sure the thought of it will be harder than actually doing it. I was in a similar position to you about 7 years ago, stepping through the door was hard but everyone was so nice it was actually nice to see some old friends - although i am not sure they would be happy in being referred to as "old". I also worked a lot with men, who don't discuss anything remotely "down there" so there were no tricky questions from them, it was football chatter before i sat back at my desk. I am very sorry to hear about your miscarriages though, they are very hard to bear. SOrry for talking too much, have a great weekend and let me know how you get on on Monday. x
S: 18st12lb C: 18st5.5lb G: 13st0lb BMI: 40.3 Loss: 0st6.5lb(2.46%)
Oh so jealous, we stayed in same resort but diff hotel 7 years ago. It really was one of our top holidays.

Def recommend Xcaret, it's a park that has animal, beaches, lazy rivers full of fish and shows. We had a lovely day there.
If you like ruins etc the Chicenitza but about 3 hrs away. Tulum is closer and well worth a visit.
We also all swum with dolphins :)

You will have an amazing time. X

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All of the restaurants are amazing, if you are there for two weeks you will get to try them all but in order of best mine were as follows.....

Steak house
And then all of the others..... But like I said we never had a bad meal in two weeks!!! Even breakfast was amazing. They also do themed evenings which are lovely.

We did xacert to, lovely natural park, you can do scuba diving, swim in caves, lots of animals and a good show to finish.

We did an amazing trip to swim with the dolphins, it was a catamaran trip to an island near to cancun, with free drinks, then swim with dolphins, and then snorkling on island and free lunch, it was fab.

Which company you going with???
We are flying with Thomas Cook - it all sounds fab - thanks so much for the advice - would love to swim with dolphins, but am a bit scared at the prospect! Have an awesome weekend x
Friday 21st Oct

breakfast - blackberries, quiche

lunch: salmon and tuna stirfy (toms, spring onion, mushrooms, sweetcorn, soy and chilli). Muller and rasps

Went out on a girly night - had 2 x glasses of wine, then went on to vodka and slimline.......then someone suggested jagerbombs - oh dear - home at three this morning, but not too hungover. Fortunately i had dinner before i went out:

steak, wedges and runner beans - ketchup (1)

When i staggered home i had my HE's - cheese and two alpen bars, fortunately no kebab! Hurrah!

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