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Countdown to my 21st - must shift this stone!


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well I turn 21 on the 29th of May so only 6 weeks to go but Im having a big celebration of the 19th with a friend of mine for her 30th and the follwoing weekend on the 26th Ill be out as well for another celebration!

Last year I lost 4 stone with LL but have put on about 10lb since then so am aiming to loose it again (and some more if Im lucky) before my birthday and shimmy myself into that outfit (which I have yet to buy!) I'm back on CD and am going to SS as much as possible - hoepfully the whole thing so I can look fab on the day as Iv got some v skinny, gorgeous friends coming up for it!

So here's day 1 and by next week Ill be back into ketosis and flying with it I hope! Im going to keep a thread for the first time ever (usually all I do read through them constantly whilst at work so feel I know everyone despite never actually writting anything)......

Here goes......:wavey: xxx
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Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Day 1...

So far Iv had a mint/choc shake and 2 1/2 L of water :0 My belly is rumbling like mad and Im on coutndown to have my choc tetra (only 43 minutes to go)

It seems to be going well and seeing as Iv spent all morning on the internet (insetad of working haha) looking at tiara's, sash's tshirts etc for me and my friend I have lots of motivation!

Am wondering how on earth Im going to afford this diet again though - as Im true spendaholic and am living in my overdraft again. I tried to do that thing where you claim the charges back (they owe me £1140!!!) which will solve all my problems so am hoping that will come through soon!

Iv just found my before & after pics so I will post them on here for everyone to see and to spur me on to loose the 10lb Iv put on and a bit more for some le-way I think. Right Im off for my shake will report in again later as I dont really have any intention of working to day hehe :) xxx
Hi hun

Good luck with the last stone - i've just gone thru the same thing myself and the last stone makes ALL the difference!!!

Try posting the pics in the gallery first then cut and paste in this bit....


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks Karen - I have read your thread back to front since the DHL days and you look amazing now! Your love life also has me in stitched hehe

Apparently my photo's are in the wrong format so Ill use something else for now til I get home and Ill have a good mess around then! Ill warn you all now Im a proper poser and love photo's hehe :) xx
Thanks Karen - I have read your thread back to front since the DHL days and you look amazing now! Your love life also has me in stitched hehe

Apparently my photo's are in the wrong format so Ill use something else for now til I get home and Ill have a good mess around then! Ill warn you all now Im a proper poser and love photo's hehe :) xx
Oh have ya?? That's so cool - thanks chick!! Glad i make you chuckle - it's a crazy world out there!! lol.

Good for you for loving pics (so do i!!), and i can't wait to see them!!!!!
Hey Nathalie!

Hope your diet is going well.

I'm restarting tomorrow too and want to lose 2 stone before my 21st in July!!

I lost 5 stone last year on LL and then CD but have put 2 back on :(

Just wishing you good luck with your goal - I saw your photos on the other thread - you look amazing! well done!!

Hope you have a great weekend xx


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
Think you have to have a certain number of posts to get an avatar.....you can set your countdown timer though for your 21st!! in the User CP bit...think it's profile options....or one of those ones.......:confused:


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well my weekend went very well without any hitches I am pleased to say and after watching tv last night size zero here I come haha! Only joking I could never get that skinny

Sat involved me doing promo work for Baileys in our local tescos's. I managed to sell out of it all by lunch time so I had a lovely short day there and then spent the rest of the day doing my nails (Im also a qualified beautician and nail tech) and catching up on all the programs I'v sky plus'd over the weeks but havent got round to watching. In total I had x2 packs and a chicken breast. Which is good cos I didnt fancy a 3rd pack but decided the grilled chicken looked so much better!

On Sunday I woke up and watched the London Marathon - which I was supposed to be running in this year but I fell down the stairs 8 weeks ago and fractured my foot so I had to defer for a year. I got quite down as I really wanted to be doing it and was very fed up with myself (It will teach me not to wear 6" heels when late for work and run down the stairs) I also went into town as my friend is getting married in Sept and she bought my bridesmaid dress from coast on Sat in a 12 (I want to be a 10 but better be safe than sorry!) so I went to see if I could find it and try it on. Unfortunatley it looks like Leicester is behind Newcastle though and we dont have that dress in yet!! I tried on 3 dresses in a 12 though and they all fit well, although a bit big on my back so Im hoping a 10 is definitly in need once Iv shifted this last bit of weight! Yay!! Oh and food wise was v bad only had 1 shake and a chicken salad for tea - but I didnt get up til gone midday and my salad was big. I know its v unhealthy though so Im going to make sure I have my 3 packs for the rest of this week.

This morning is off to a good start, had my shake and feel better all ready. Im going out on friday though so will alternate between wine and water, but Iv got the day off work so Ill get down the gym and go for a swim or something first as I still cant run for another 10 days as per doc's orders!!

The most annoying thing though is that our scales at home are broken and Iv yet to buy any batteries so A) I dont knowhow much I weighed when I started and B) I dont know how much Iv lost....This could be a good thing as I wont be scale obssessed like I normally am and get on 3 times a day etc and it means I can just go by how I feel but it also means Im not keeping an eye on it and if i slip up i may be less inclined to get back on - we will see how much longer i go without buying batteries for the scales for the moment I like not having the pressure of jumping on and off!

I hope you all had a lovely weekend and are all looking forward to the week ahead! I didnt manage to sort out my pics but I have put some tiny thumb nails ones in the before & after section on here...

Happy Dieting :) Mwah xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Day 4 and on track! :)

Well Day 4 is nearly finished for me! Iv had x1 shake and 2L of water and a bottle of coke zero (I dont know how I'd cope without it on this diet!)

I'm off to do a clients nails after work, just a gel overlay so should be done pretty quickly and then off home in time to catch America's next top model and decide what to have for tea....a shake or 2 or a chicken breast hmmmm decision decisions lol!

One things for sure I feel great and want this weight to drop off me!! :) Have a good evening all Im just about to finish work Mwah xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Day 5 and going out for lunch!

Well last night I had a shake and some ham so in total I had x2 shakes and ham.....not too bad me thinks probably should have had the 3rd shake but wasnt in the mood by the time I got home from doing nails.

Today is going well Iv had a shake but only 1L of water so far, my friend is coming down from Lincoln on her way to Brunel and is stopping by for the afternoon so were going for a pub lunch - chicken salad and fizzy water for me though! Which is annoying because today Im really hungry!!!! Not sure whats wrong with me but I could easily eat my arm off. Im finishing for the day at 1 then she will be here about half 2 -3ish and I dont know if I can hold out til then. Im in 2 minds as to wether to go home and have a shake or some ham or soemthing to tie me over but I really dont want to. Iv become quite obsessed with staying on track these past few days (well in my own diet/low carb sort of way) and I dont want to have 3 packs and a whole meal. But I know I will want something tonight. Im off out to do another clients nails and she needs a whole new set so I will be there til about half 9 ish as Im not due to go round til 8 so I might be able to go out then come straight home to bed....hmmm have i the will power???

Still not fixed the scales so dont know how much I weigh - at the mo this is a good thing because in theory when im out in the big wide world off the diet/shakes etc I should be good and try and do it on my own and know about helathy eating etc and not be scale obsessed - all well and good saying that but I doubt it will ever happen!!

:) xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
I made it through the night!

Well I had steak and salad for my lunch yesterday and 2 pieces of ham for my tea so I am still well on track on the diet front.

I did have an unbelievable urge to binge last night though, for some reason we had angel cake in the house, rocky bars and fresh bagles and I stupidly read the asda magazine that came with the shopping and couldnt stop staring at all the chocolate and cakes. I was all set to scoff my face when I got in at 10 o'clock after doing a set of nails but instead I had 2 pieces of ham - another bottle of coke zero (Im addicted it's untrue) and went to bed!! I was so proud of myself this morning becasue I am now on day 6 of being very good (not ss'ing completly) and I do feel a but better. I have a disgusting taste in my mouth today and feel a bit light headed - so my theory is woo hoo Im loosing weight!! lol :)

Iv had a bottle of coke this morning and will have my first shake at about 12ish, Im being body wrapped tonight (Weve got a beauty salon opening next weekend and one of the girls needs practice so I hapily obliged spec as I could do with loosing a few inches!) and I will have a pack when I get in from that!

On a lighter note Im not going out this friday its next friday so that should be another good week of ssing ish as My friend Kirsty (bride to be section) comes on Sat and her and her mum are both on CD and ss'ing for her wedding in sept so I wont be eating or anything whilst they are here. We are all of to the besuty show on the sunday at the nec to get some more hints/tips etc and see whats about as we both have mum's with salons and work in the industry.

Also I really wanted to get my hand on one of those Anya Hindmarch eco bags that went on sale in Sainsburys this morning but stupidly turned off my alarm so didnt get out of bed to join the queue and they all sold out within minutes :( I have registered on the internet though cos they might be getting some more in! So fingers crossed!

Hope everyone is well and dieting to perfection, Im hungry and could do with eating today but only got 3 weeks, 2 days to the first of my birthday celebration things!!

Lots of Love n Hugs!! xxx


jelly belly
S: 20st5lb C: 18st0lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 49.2 Loss: 2st5lb(11.58%)

keep up the good work
kaz xxx


Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Well I cant hack it - I need to eat so I am going out for lunch!! I'v had a shake but Im going to go and have steak and salad again now and a shake for tea...I feel really guilty for doing this but surely its not actually that bad?! I mean 2 shakes and steak and salad - i must still be able to loose weigh doing this? But for some reason I feel like Iv broken it big time and am letting myself down. Is this normal?? When I think of how little I have eaten the past few days (ie x1 shake and a chicken breats for 2 days) it sounds like Iv got serious eating disorder going on?? Ahhhhhhhhh help!


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)

ok......I think we should maybe modify this mission a little.

I know you want to be hardcore and sole source...at the moment, you aren't..........so change of tactic.

790....look at your yellow book.

There is a sticky on here for recipes....

Can you have a little think....why do you NEED to eat? are you hungry? or is your head just saying you're hungry?

You're not getting enough nutrients in 2 shakes and 1 meal love......have that 3rd pack please. You can do your eating...but I just don't want it to get out of hand. Make sensible choices.....white and green.....steak is not white!!

You'll be feeling weird cause you haven't stuck to a plan properly.....pleeeeeeease have a look at your yellow book.



Cambridge Diet Counsellor
Thanks for your reply Nicole, I don't want to completly SS at the mo as Iv got alot going on and I only want to loose a stone or so I want to try and do some sort of low carb/packs sort of diet!

I'm taking a breather this afternoon and deciding exactly what to do!

Thank you so much for your reply though :) xxx I really really appreciate it xxx


S: 13st9lb C: 11st5lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 26.5 Loss: 2st4lb(16.75%)
only a stone eh!!!??

right!!! you should be moving up the plans anyway!! no wonder you're wanting to munch! your body is calling you for it!!!

790 is low carbness...just packs with some protein and veg...but depending on your BMI....1000 might be a bit better...although it involves carbs...potatoes and stuff, and it'll give you a little bit more freedom to go out and munch.


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