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Countdown to the big 3 0!!!!

G: 10st0lb
Ok so I thought I'd start a diary to help keep me on track on my journey to slimville for my 30th next august.

I've been overweight for years and wasn't bothered by it as my weigh was stable until I got me/cfs and within 2 months had gained 2 stone. I realised then that I couldn't eat high calorie foods to give ny body an energy boost as well as no exercise at all without getting much much fatter! I did sw for 6 months and lost 3 stone but decided it's much to slow if I am to reach my goal of wearing a beautiful slinky dress for my birthday.

So I have embarked on ts .....

Day 1 completed yesterday. It was easier than I expected but I was starving all day. I tried to ignore it and told myself there was no point thinking about it because at some point I have get through these first few days and if cheat I just have tostart again.

I've woken up on day 2 and feel awful but not diet related. I feel peckish but ok. Normally I would have seen these feelings as "omg I'm starving I must eat now!" and I'm starting to realise that's not true at all.
So going to drink the first shake of the day and a pint of water then maybe sleep for a bit. I'm sure I'll be back on here later with more of my ramblings. :)
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G: 10st0lb
Day 2 is nearly over. So far today I've had 2 shakes, lots of water and a can of coke zero. I've been in bed all day which has helped a bit with not being near food but today has been v v boring! I've tried to read and knit but mostly dozed with the dog lying on my feet!
The hunger pangs are definitely going. They seem to come in waves and last for a couple of mins then if I ignore themthey go.
I'm going to try bouillion tomorrow - I need to find it but hoping it will be in the supermarket. Looking forward to a change of tastes.
Still loving this diet, I just really wish I'd found it years ago and spent my twenties thin and fab!
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hi and welcome this is a great diet, the first few days are hard but you seem to be coping really well with them it wont be long till those hunger pains go and you will feel alot better ........ we all deal with it differently and have our own little plans to follow you will find yours .......... good luck :) xxxx
G: 10st0lb
Thanks. Tbh I couldn't have done it without this site! If I thought it would feel like this forever I don't think I would carry on but I know from reading everyone elses stories that it will get much easier. Also I think Id built it up in my head to be horrific for the first few days that it's seems a breeze compared to what I'd imagined!!!
Your weight loss is fab I can't wait til I can add mine to my signature!!
G: 10st0lb
So day 2 is over and I'm about to head up to bed. I spent the majority of the day in bed and got up around 7pm. I spent the day trying to read, looking on here and being guarded by my puppy dog! She's not a puppy she's a 2 yr old lab but she thinks she's a baby and wants to be next to me all the time. When I'm ill and in bed she sleeps on the end of bed and won't leave me unless she needs the loo! Quite cute but also naughty as she's not meant to be on the bed!!!!
Apart from feeling ill ( not diet ill) today has been surprisingly ok. The chocolate shakes are starting to taste nice ( I guess in comparison to water they are amazing!) and are feeling more filling if that makes sense? I plan on getting some bouillion tomorrow and having a few cups of that for a change tomorrow. I'm trying to swap my drinks around so that I don't get bored. I saved a half can of dr pepper zero for this evening and it felt so luxurious after water all day!!

I know I can do this now for definite. I had to leave the room tonight because my boyfriend had a v smelly dinner ( I don't even like it but the smell was killing me) but I know I will not cheat. I also still forward through the food adverts on tv and avoid discussing food items but I'm hoping this will get easier as the days go on.

So... roll on day 3 I'm ready for it.
G: 10st0lb
Day 3 begins. I'm still 100% yay! I feel a bit hungover but the hunger pangs are much much less today. I still feel empty and a bit bored of having the same things every day but I'm sure I'll get used to it. I'm going to order a mixed bumper pack next so I have lots of things to try and have to make choices at meal times rather than know I'm having a chocolate shake!

Not much planned for today except to get my hair cut later on and find the elusive bouillion!! Need to get up and get my first shake now. Oh and get some knitting done - my neices baby will be here in 3 months and I've only done about 20 rows of his blanket!!


Here to help :-)
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Well done Ditzen, you seem to be really getting the hang of this diet. Pity you're feeling a bit below par, but maybe that's helping to keep you away from temptation. I have been very lucky because apart from odd cravings, I haven't felt hungry or suffered the dreaded headaches. I'm sure that's due to me drinking lots of water.

Hope to-day goes well for you,

G: 10st0lb
Thanks celtic tiger. I think feeling a bit rubbish is actually helping. I knew I'd feel ill this week anyway because I went to a bonfire party on saturday so in a way it is easier to be ill with me and the start of the diet at the same time. If I'd started when I was having a good day I think I'd be a bit gutted that I was 'wasting' my good days if that makes sense? Also I think it is helping that I'm just resting so my body doesn't need as much fuel to keep going at the moment??? And tbh I couldn't be bothered to cook even if I was allowed!

Thanks for popping in. You seem to be doing really well too. How much water are you getting through? I'm aiming for at least 3l a day and have only had 1 headache so far but I have some pretty awesome prescription painkillers anyway so they worked fine. I did feel a bit woozy after I took them though so maybe I should only have 1 in future - an empty belly may affect how they work maybe??

Anyway, good luck for today I can't believe it's day 3 already. Roll on day 7 and weigh in!!!!!!
G: 10st0lb
wow I love bouillon!! I found it in tesco and have had 2 cups so far. It is just what I needed to give my tastebuds a change.

I did have a slight mishap though.... on the way home I clipped my gatepost and pulled the number plate off the front of my car!!! oops!
Tried to superglue it back on but just succeded in gluing my fingers together so I give up. I'm going to have to drive to the garage and hope any police I meet are sympathetic!!

Also have managed to get out for a bit of fresh air and took the dog for a walk ( well she walks I use a mobility scooter). I'm shattered but feel better for it and I did get some exercise in by throwing sticks into a tree to knock down her ball that I somehow managed to get stuck in the top branch!!

Off to have my 2nd shake and then the hairdresser is coming to make me look human again!
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Omg how frustrating just wrote you a whole long post and then all of a sudden my phone just opened up the IMDB app and closed this one grrrrrrrr don't have the energy for this rubbish lol
Anyways it went something like this:
Yay I've found your diary! Does it feel like I'm stalking you yet? Lol
Glad it's going so well :) writing this from my bed, never normally up this early so trying to decide if I should go back to sleep or get up and try and get one of the things on my todo list done :S
I've been thinking of buying a dog for a while now but have been worrying about taking on the responsibility with my ME but reading your diary made me smile so much at the naughty dog sleeping on the bed :) wish I had one sleeping at my feet :)
How are you doing today? Are you still asleep or are you one of the lucky non nocturnal ones :)
Hope today goes well for you xxx

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