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Counting down to 40

Discussion in 'Slimming World - Weight Loss Diary' started by Phoenyx, 15 March 2014 Social URL.

  1. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Right. Enough is enough. I've been messing around with diets, losing and regaining the same 20lbs for nearly 2 years now. I'm 40 in November and I want to be at goal. I have 3 stone to lose to reach that goal, so that's 42lbs in 34 weeks, which averages at about a pound and a quarter a week. Should be doable.

    So I'm keeping it simple and starting something I can maintain when I reach goal - slimming world extra easy and running. i have been a member of slimming world before - once with great success and once for a week before I crashed and burned. This time I have a buddy at work to help me and am determined to succeed.

    i rejoined on Tues but am finding it hard to keep track of my food without a diary so here goes...
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  3. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Sat 15 March

    B - tuna melts from SW magazine (hex a for cheese, hex b for toast), grapes
    L - couscous, pea, lentil & salmon salad from Marks, 2 skinless chicken drumsticks, banana (didn't have the dressing so am just synning tsp pumpkin seeds - 2 syns)
    S - grande soya latte from Starbucks (6.5 syns)
    D - baked potato, steak, broccoli, curly kale, homemade tomato ketchup

    Total syns: 8.5

    Exercise - 4 mile run (v v slow, just starting to rebuild my running fitness)
  4. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Sun 16th March

    Woke up feeling a little less bloated round the middle so that was nice. A bad nights sleep though, and I know that has been linked to eating more. I didn't plan well enough today and it showed!

    B - porridge (hexb) with honey (2 syns) and strawberries
    s - walnuts (6 syns)
    L - soya latte (hexa), Costa pulled pork wrap (22.5 syns) tiny nibble on kids easter nests (1 syn)

    Plan for dinner is roast chicken and heaps of veg. Forgot to buy fry light so will either have a baked potato or go without tonight

    Exercise - 1 hr mowing the lawn, 30 mins walk

    Hope everyone's having a lovely sunny Sunday. I should be marking but am going to sit outside with a book!
  5. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Recipe for veggie 20140316_165442.jpg chilli attached

    Attached Files:

  6. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    View attachment 129436 I made the veggie chilli from the magazine, and it was soooo yummy I had to have it for tea instead of my baked potato. I've got enough for lunches (it made 5 v large portions and would be scrummy with bread or rice or a jacket. The secret was the smokey Chipotle sauce. Piccies attached (if I manage to...)

    it was an enormous portion of chicken and I'm lovely and full now. That's one thing you don't get with most other diets!
  7. Phoenyx

    Phoenyx Step away from the cake..

    Monday 17 March

    Am - 2 mile run on treadmill

    B - 60g wholemeal bread (hexb) cottage cheese, whole grapefruit, soya latte (hexa)

    L - baked potato, veggie chilli (1 syn for 1/2 tsp olive oil)

    Snack - banana

    D - pasta, tomato & veg sauce made with 2 tsp olive oil (4 syns)

    Hmm might have some pud later. I was v tempted to have a choccie bar earlier with left over syns but resisted. I might have one after my first weigh in tomorrow....If it goes well!

    I do feel a lot fuller than before. I think it's the increase in fibre and lack of sugar. My portion sizes are still definitely large but before I could eat two bowls of pasta easily. Tonight I had one and I'm stuffed.

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