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Counting Down ...


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Only 12 hours and 43 minutes untill WI 13 !!!! lol

Had work today at the hotel (i work once a month as a chambermaid) and i went in in a black top as my shirt was like a tent so took my old ones back to them so they can order me a new one - head supervisor didnt believe me and asked me to show her and i said ok. put it on and she said "hmm ok maybe you can wear your black top today!!" lol

Then the supervisor checking my rooms came in and had a chat with me about my diet and congratulated me and told me i was looking so good! :D lol

Thennnn when i got home (i work with my brothers gf) she told me once i had left the office (wendy - head supervisor) had told her i was looking really good.

Now have i got a massive smile today or what! lol :D CHEESE!!!!!!!!!!!

Only downside - i cut my finger with a bread knife trying to cut lettuce for my mum, dad and brothers sandwiches tomorrow lol
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♥3 Years Maintaining♥
Yeah sure did - i guess cuz they havnt seen me for over a month they really notice it - its nice :) lol
That's brilliant, bet u feel great. When people havent seen you for a while they can notice more than when people see you most days. My hubby is working away at the moment and I am hoping that he notices a big difference on his return.


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And you Sooooo deserve all the lovely comments!!

OW! for the finger - serrated edged bread knife! OW!!!! **kisses better** xx


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The comments are a reward my lovely, your doing so well!!, you do you realise they wont be so happy on the 4th order of new uniforms lol xxx


Here we go again!
Well done Tanya, you'll have to get used to getting more compliments like that. You deserve them too, you've done so well on this, keep going, not long to refeed now!


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Lol thanks guys - and jan thanks for kissing it better! lol :)
Thats brilliant, makes it all so worthwhile. Well done you! Bet you will have loads of people asking how you did it.....


I will be skinny again!!!
awww brilliant chick!! bet your well chuffed having to get new uniform and all!!

They wont be impressed though when you have to do it again!

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