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Cous cous Cake - Syn or not syn on green day??


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I'm really really confused:cry: I think i've read all the post on the site but can someone for defo let me know if the cherry & almond cous cous cake is free on a green day? I am using plain old cous cous and not the ground version. I'm baking it in the oven along with eggs, Mullerlight yogurt, almond essence and Splenda sweetner.......simples...?:confused: xx
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We can't let you know for definite! So many people have differing opinions on this, so for what it's worth, here's mine....

SW say if couscous etc are used as a flour substitute then it is synned. Using it in a cake is a flour substitute, hence synned.
However.... someone had an email from SW saying that if couscous is used in it's normal form (ie just with water added) then it's not synned.
For me, I always think "would a non-dieting, naturally slim person eat a cake made with couscous" - answer, "would they hell!!!!"
So, IMO it is synned.

The other bit of advice from SW is this, if you eat these things and your losses are okay then continue to do so, but if your losses slow down then cut them out.
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I dont think it should be synned - IT IS STILL JUST COUSCOUS but with sweet ingredients instead of savoury....it isnt even ground it's still in it's original form.

Go for it girl - if you notice you arent losing then reconsider but until then - LET'S HAVE OUR CAKE AND EAT IT!!!!! :) Happy Friday Minimin-ers



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We had this debate in group last week, the reason they say to syn it is that people make the cake and eat the whole thing as its free. In this case you are consuming way more than you normall would.

If you are having one slice a day then i wouldnt see it as a syn and my C agrees as this is the amount you would normally use. If you eat the whole thing syn it.

My C also said for those that have been eating it and not synning it, if this doesnt effect your weight loss then continue to not syn it but if your weight loss slows down you may want to re-evaluate.

Hope this helps



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S: 11st9lb C: 10st10lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 22.8 Loss: 0st13lb(7.98%)

I've been eating the WHOLE lot over 2 days-I wondered why I wasn't particularly losing much weight when I made it - BUT

I LOVE my cherry and almond cake

Thanks to all! Happy weekend xxxx

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