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couscous/scotch eggs


loves food and cooking
cous cous is free on green or EE

what are you using as your sausage meat?


loves food and cooking
Sounds like a great idea :)

so boiled egg wrapped in sausage meat rolled in cous cous then frylighted and baked?

sounds like a great idea - let us know how they turn out, and how many sausages you ned to cover an egg lol


loves food and cooking
I'm sure they will be great :D


loves food and cooking
It might be easier to buy them, and the shop bought ones might well be prettier, but yours will be *healthier* and *tastier* than anything you can buy :D (and making them is a laugh too ...)
Are you making them red or green?
Cous cous is free on a green day. It's 1½ syns per 28g (cooked weight) on an original day.
Sausage meat will be ½syn per sausage on an original day but 4 syns per sausage on a green day.

I would say do them as original, cos you'll have more sausage meat than couscous, I'd imagine! Then weigh out your couscous once it's cooked and shared between all the eggs, it'll probably go a long way and be virtually no syns.

Hellie :)

ps: And if you use the Morrisons Eat Smart pork sausages, they are syn free on original, which would make your scotch eggs even lower synned :)
If on EE just count the syns from your WW sausages, or go with Hellie's advice and get Morrisons free sausages for a totally free treat. Let us know how you get on, they sound yum!
Handy to know the syns for an original and green day too, so you can let your class know how many syns for whatever day they are on.

Good luck, hope they go well!


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I make these free on green by using quorn sausages.
I use quail eggs, so I get nice, neat, bitesized scotch eggs. Scrummy!

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