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Couteaux - Eating for 2!

I'm back at last and 8wks pregnant.

I've been off the plan for too long and have gained around 10lbs. I'm really starting to feel it now, so determined to keep my weight in check during this pregnancy.

I'm struggling a bit with tiredness and a lack of interest in cooking oh.. and the nausea. But aside from that, things are peachy! ;)

So first day back!

Breakfast: Porridge & 1 orange

Lunch: Baked beans & 2 eggs

Snack: Melon & Strawberries

Dinner: Lamb, veg & potato stew with brocolli
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Day 2 and feeling gooooood! I feel so much better in myself being back on the plan.

Breakfast: porridge with 1 scan bran - Orange. Greek 0% yoghurt with grapes & strawberries

Lunch: 2 xeggs & beans

Snack: (hungry day!!) Cottage cheese, tuna & sweetcorn

Dinner: Chicken, new potatoes, carrots, sugar snap peas & baby corn.
Thanks so much soccermom! It's all rather new, can't wait until we can tell our 2 little ones. They've been asking for a brother or sister recently! ;)
Thank you niknaks x :)
Well, as you can tell from the date - I rather fell off the wagon with SW and those 10lbs gained have turned into 28lbs! Ouch, sounds so much bigger than 2 stone.

Anyway, I am back on track again and enjoying day 2 of healthy eating :)

Monday was EE

Breakfast - Banana 2 x bread (heb) and 2 x eggs

Snack - Nectarine, fig and grapes

Lunch - Cous cous and chickpeas

Snack - apple

Dinner - Cannelloni & salad - added loads of veggies to the meat ragu and included a layer of courgette. Cheese sauce was 1 HEA for cheese and around 15 syns (guestimating upwards!) for little flour & skimmed milk - made 3 servings, so 5 syns per serving.

Total syns - 5
I have decided to give myself 15 syns a day and if I need some cereal or extra milk, I will have room to enjoy them within my allowance.


Breakfast Banana - 2 x bread (heb) and 2 x eggs

Snack - VLF fromage frais, fresh figs and grapes

Lunch - Leftover cannelloni (5 syns) & salad

Snack - Nectarine, apple

Dinner - Cottage pie with potato & swede mash, brocolli, sweetcorn & roasted courgettes.

Syns - 5 for cannelloni

Not really using my syns at the moment, may increase my HEA/B choices to use some more.
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Feel really good waking up knowing I am back on plan. This is the longest I have managed to stay on track since being pregnant. Joining group tomorrow but not sure if I can get weighed without my Drs signature.. Anyhoo

Breakfast - Banana - 2 x bread (heb) and 2 x eggs (I see a pattern starting here, might have to mix things up a bit tomorrow!)

Snack - Fresh figs & grapes in vlf fromage frais & oaty cereal (6 syns)

Lunch - Leftover cottage pie, spinach

Snack - gherkins

Dinner - Piri piri Chicken with roasted butternut squash, courgette & veggie savoury rice. HEA Goats cheese

Syns - 6 - cereal
2 - extra goats cheese
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Thanks Soccermom!

Bump getting bigger by the day, started to really feel it now. How's you? :)
Glad to hear that.

I'm going great guns thanks for asking.

I'm feeling really positive as i'm on a 100% challenge for 11 weeks and i'm surprising myself at how motivated I am about sticking to plan so easily, hope the feeling doesn't disappear to soon for me :D
That sounds brilliant! You can stick to it, sounds like you are really enjoying it too and that helps enormously! You've lost such a fantastic amount already - huge congrats!! The results will be well worth it, let me know how you get on :)

I've had to restart my ticker after regaining the 24lbs I had lost - oh dear. Hoping quite a bit of that proves to be baby (though most seems to have settled on my hips!) ;)

Breakfast -

2 x brown bread, 2 eggs & slices of ham - This was hugely disappointing - bleugh. The non stick frying pan had been soaking in washing up liquid the night before and when I cooked the eggs, they still tasted like washing liquid. I had to throw away all the egg.

Snack - Apple, orange

Lunch - Jacket potato & beans 1 slice of cheese (6 syns)

Snack -

Dinner - Chicken noodle soup

Syns 6 - Oaty cereal
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