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[email protected] week self inflicted


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Just on to have a moan but I only have myself to blame. I ended up putting the kettle on last week quite a few times and each time had 2 digestives with my cuppa not synned!!! Well needless to say I suffered the consiquences on Mon with a 2.5lb gain. All my hard work last week undone with me feeling sorry for myself and eating again. :cry::break_diet:
Never mind thats the line and I am firmly back on the wagon as I have my joints to think about and gaining weight won't help them any and this is my main worry right now is getting them as good as I can to try and stop them getting any worse.

thanks for listening everyone it feels better getting it down.
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Hey hun im so glad i dont drink tea or coffee but i do have hot chocolate at night and i always have hifi bar so i know not to touch the digestive, it sooo easy.

Well done on putting a line down and continuing well done xxx

YOU CAN DO IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Mrs V

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Hey Hun...you've done it yourself by drawing a line underneath it and getting back on track. Its all to easily done..to reach for the biscuit barrel when the kettle is on..I know Ive been there!!
Well done for facing the scales and you will loose that weight again before you know it!



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Glad to see you've drawn the line and getting back on track- that is the important thing moving on from obstacles.


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I'm a bit of a digestive devil :eek: - I tend to use my syns on just gravies, oils etc... the only thing I can't (actually, it's more of a won't than a can't :rotflmao: ) give up are digestives. I have one each morning with my mid morning cup of tea. That's enough for me, I don't feel deprived, I don't crave them, I just particularly savour and enjoy that one biscuit! it works for me! :D .... oh and they are not "fatty yucky biscuits" - they are little crumbly pieces of heaven :p :D


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Well done for drawing the line.
You can do it and will!!
I am sure you will have a good loss this week.
I totally understand how easy it is to do that.
Before rejoining SW, I could never just have one or two chocolates or biscuits. I would eat the whole lot in one go!
I would regularly buy a packet of kit-kats and eat the whole pack in one sitting!
That is why, when rejoining SW I decided to give up chocolate, totally, and apart from having 2 small ones, I have not had any and don't miss them in the least.


A sucker for a key change
I feel your pain Biker. I went over my syns at least 3 days last week and as a result, I put on 2lbs at WI last night and I am gutted. It isn't helped by me being miserable as I have been signed off work due to neck pain and I'm fed up of not being able to move about and do as I wish. Okay moan over!!


Here is my line too!



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S: 11st0lb C: 11st0lb G: 10st7lb BMI: 26.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
thanks everyone, yep that digestives are the little devils in the cupboard and I have had this week but I have synned them this time at the 3.5syns they are so no more messing up. I only bought them at xmas to make the key lime pie in mag as I never have biscuits in the house for the reason they tempt me.

Mrs Mc I am still signed off work and trying to amuse myself but daytime tv is getting a bit boaring now and not much else to do as supposed to be resting my joints so getting the kids to help me do housework as only doing a little bit at a time and its not easy with splints on lol. Hope you feel better soon xx

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