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Hey guys,

Just wanted the official CDC explanation of what going on.

I got a few cramp like pains at the very beginning of SS but again had it yesterday & today. Its not even painful as such just a bit irritating. I'm sure it something to do with salt & water. I have been really craving savoury food the last few days too.

Thanks in advance for your wise words!
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I have read (on here I think) that it is to do with lack of salt in your diet. I think the cure is to drink a cup of bouillon when you next get an attack, or have a tiny pinch of salt in your soup, but wait for a CDC to confirm.

Also make sure your water is being spaced out evenly during the day as I think if you have too much ina short space of time that can cause cramps.

I have been crippled with cramps on and off whilst on LL.

It is to do with a deficiency in the diet and an abscence of Salts as opposed to just salt. Athletics get it too due to extreme exercise impacting upon the salts levels in their bodies.

On the suggestion of some 'wise ones' on the LL forum I drank a cup of the Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon (reduced salt version - ironic eh?) and found much relief!

The cramps are often worse if you up your intake of water and that washes everything out of the body, even the 'stuff' we might like to keep!

Mine were worse in the mornings or during the night when I could be found dancing about the bedroom on one leg uttering expletives!! The joys of dieting eh?

Good luck - they won't do you any real harm but will give you periods of excruciating pain :D.
Athletics get it too due to extreme exercise
That'll be what it is! lol

Thanks for that, I will try marigold. Need be careful with it though as I know it causes fluid retention for me, had 2 in a day in my 2nd week & gained 4lb so have given it a wide berth since.

I'll let you know how I get on.


Water water everywhere

A few people are prone to cramp while using the 'Sole Source' programme. It is not caused by the diet itself, but by the increased throughput of fluid in the body's tisues. The muscle spasms result from changes in sodium levels as the water shifts between cells. Keep warm and try a drink of slimline tonic water just before bedtime. The quinine content may offer relief - as may 'Crampex' tablets.

I do get cramp sometimes, remember if it is in your calf you need to bend your toes back up towards your body, I leap out of bed and put my foot flat on the floor and lean forwards. A hot hair dryer on the cramped muscle also helps and I keep one next to the bed :)

Mrs Roch

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Oh my gawd do I get cramp.... my attacks are usually in the morning and during the night and it's usually my carf muscles... it's awful...


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I used to get it in my calf muscles too, waking up during the night for a pee and then in absolute agony limping around the house !

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