Exactly the same happened to me last night ! I put it down to the bedroom being cold as I hardly ever get cramp unless my legs get cold in the night. But I wonder if it might be a VLCD thing although I am on week 8 ?
Have had that happen to me when I was on Atkins a few years ago, and put it down to the extra water was drinking and it washing away electolytes.

Touch wood havent had it happen with this diet yet!

Deb x
How bizarre, because that exact same thing happened to me a couple of nights ago. Will try adding a pinch of salt.....
My CDC said this could happen.
She said to try a glass of slimline tonic water before bed (but not the one with lemon or lime in)
She said it works a treat!
This is a side effect of potassium loss and can be due to drinking too much water.

Rather than adding salt to the diet if you go to the chemist and ask for quinnine sulphate tablets they will help.

Slimline Tonic is good in an emergency its the quinnine in it that helps the cramps.

Holland and Barrett Chelated Potassium 99mg one daily, preferably with a meal (!).I picked this up from a low-carb board when I low-carbed before and I have started taking it again othewise I get the cramp!
This might help too

Cambridge FAQ Link

A few people are prone to cramp while using the Diet as their Sole Source of nutrition. It is not caused by the diet itself, but by the increased throughput of fluid in the body’s tissues. The muscle spasms result from changes in sodium levels as the water shifts between cells. The remedy for most people is to keep warm, whilst a drink of slimline tonic water just before bedtime may also help, as it contains quinine – as may "Crampex" tablets.

I hope this helps


Find a CDC Link

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I found the tonic water good.

Too much water gives me cramps in my legs as well as the introduction of carbs too quickly:eek: :rolleyes:
The level of quinnine phosphate for leg cramps is very low and should not pose a risk, however, pharmacists would advise accordingly and if there were any contraindications they would not let you have the product.