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I’m branding myself a liar and a failure! All the best intentions in the world when I first got on the Exante train but I gave up (as usual) as soon as it got a little bit tough.

Day 1 was bad and day 2 was worse so I talked myself (didn’t take long) in to waiting till I was off work next week to start and get the bad days out of the way whilst I was at home and didn’t really have to be mentally alert which seemed like a sensible thing to do considering the fact of how weak I was being.

However, enough is enough. My button has popped off my trousers at work today and the zip won’t stay up on it’s own – now I’m afraid of popping to the loo in case I end up mooning the whole open planned office. This should be enough for me to get my backside in to gear before next week and start tomorrow!.... Geez, I need help but my will power is no where to be seen at the moment! If anyone sees it, please return to this loser over here sat in the corner feeling sorry for myself!!

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Hey you are not a failure or a loser *hugs*
You just haven't gotten motivated to start yet that's all.

How about you start in the morning and see how you go? Even have a few WS days to ease yourself into things.

You CAN do this hun x


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Its a tough diet and isn't for everyone but if you are determined then draw a line under everything start afresh and don't look back or dwell on the past. Look forward to what can be changed and make the right choices for yourself, as a re-re-starter (yeah that's bad I know :p) I know how tough it is to stay focused and get back into it but it can be done with will power and the support of others to keep you going - that's where minimins comes into it :D

You need to have faith in your ability to take control of your future and of your health (physical and mental health) :)

Good luck with your weight loss journey xxx


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Aww, hon don't feel bad about messing up, as others have said it is a tough diet and you need willpower of steel. This is actually my fifth attempt at a VLCD in as many years. This is the first time I have managed to get so far. Maybe try adding a piece of chicken or other protein into the diet every day for a few weeks and see if that helps you keep on track. It certainly helped me in the beginning :)


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Omg I felt the same way last week when I started, drink as much water as you can, I don't like cool water that much, so sipped on hot water like a cuppa coffee.

Also I only managed 1 day on TS, and it was my third day.

You may be different but I find if I have half a bar, and half a shake made into a latte coffee for breakfast then another for lunch, have an ice cold shake about 3 or 4, then a later dinner. Usually it's a grilled chicken breast with salad. Sometimes this has been too much food. If I've been to the gym, I have a meal straight after for a lunch, and have my coffee shakes with half a bar for dinner.

You will surprise yourself, I promise you!!

Oh another thing, I messed up on Sunday, had a cadburys caramel, and 13 of those sweets from the celebrations tub. When I weighed in on Tuesday I still lost 5lbs

Please don't beat yourself up, you can do this!!!

Kate x


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S: 21st10lb C: 21st10lb G: 13st8lb BMI: 42.4 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
Right, I'm going to give it another bash tomorrow - fingers crossed. It's just so frustrating when the reason why I give up isn't because I want to eat - it's because I can;t cope with the headaches and tiredness.

Thanks for all your support ladies.... you're all wonderful xx


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Hi phatass.
I fell off the ts wagon Christmas day so started again new years day... Going much better this time :)
Take each day one at a time, you will do this x