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Craving choclolate!


Plodding on til its gone
Hi really trying to resist a big bag of chocolate caramels that are calling me from the kitchen.

The more I know i cant have them the more I want them. Its no use just having 2 or 3 as that doesnt work for me.

Once the bags open I have to have them all... sound like a right pig now but Im the same with any sweets once bag is open or wrapper off.

Is any one else like this or is it that I have no control... its all or nothing so trying to settle for not having any.

The afternoons are the worst I always crave something sweet between 3pm and 4.30 ish sometimes longer. Dont know why?

Ive just found some weight watcher fruitees in cupboard although not on ww anymore. Not the same as choc though but trying to be strong. Just need the choc caramels to stop calling me... stressed out aswell, had a few bad days which always leads me to want to eat nice things to make me feel better.
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i can relate completly i usually crave and think about chocolate 99% of the day sometimes even when i am in bed trying to sleep eeeeekkkk :cry:

i usually dont cave in but have just pigged out at lunch time on 4 digestive biscuits :break_diet:

So that means for my sin's i now have to do a 40 minute bike ride and a 30-40minute aerobics session...boooo and its meant to be my night off! xx

ps ihope you can resist :p
The only was I resist is to not have it in the house!! I find an Alpen light bar helps and kills the craving. No chocolate for 4 weeks now!! x
i thought exactly the same thing this afternoon....just to bin it all so no temptation but i can never do that completely as my daughter loves her biscuits haha

And chocolate is my comfort blanket...i always got to have some in the house heehee


Plodding on til its gone
Thanks Laura, I hope I can resist too :)

Just eaten about 8 ww fruitees and they have taken the edge off it. I think its easy for food to take over sometimes and so easy to lose control but weigh in is on fri and hope to lose atleast 1lb x

Hi Sally well done on having no choc for 4 weeks :) I try not to keep much in the house, this was left over from Easter (still in date lol) The egg sort of went missing last night oooops.

Hormones up the creek at the mo and are just screaming gimme chocolate now!! x


Plodding on til its gone
wouldnt it be good if they made chocolate comfort blankets! Now there`s an idea lol
I agree PMT time and I just want to eat!! After a few weeks the craving has gone - yes REALLY!! And I was a choc addict totally.

Good luck with it!! x
Me too. I was doing the June challenge had 6lbs to lose to get within target range and my pre holiday weight ( I went MAD on food on holiday...yes lbs and lbs of chocolate was consumed haha... because I was maintaining pre holiday) had 1 lb to lose this week weighed in this morning and STS argh!!

Was so close yet so far away so I failed the June challenge :-(

Plus I was doing so good this week although i did pick so much last night but still within syn limit but snacked on more fruit and yogurt than I usually would.

So think my TOTM must be due because I usually start picking and snacking more.... Well that's my excuse anyway

Hmmmmmmm chocolate blacker yum :)


Plodding on til its gone
I think it works in the same way as anything, cigarettes for example once I stopped 18 yrs ago the craving gradually went but if I had just one I d be addicted. I find with choc the less I have the less I want... Its the chemicals in the brain telling trying to take over and say we need sugar, caffeine or whatever.

Its hard to distract myself once that starts x


Plodding on til its gone
At Totm time I usually crave cake so bought some ww choc muffins. Only had two the other day bored with them now lol.

I always seem to not lose weight at this time, so annoying.
Might drag myself off the chair and go for a walk to burn a cal or 2 but knees aching badly today because of work.

What exercise can I do without making knees hurt even more? sit ups? no cycling no any ideas? :rolleyes:
Poor u with your knees what did u do?

Only exercise I can think of is swimming perhaps?

Hmmm I like ur Theory! because a good while back I used to have choc in but could go weeks without it (although again like a comfort blackout always had it in) or just have one tab after meal etc not crave any more but I seriously couldn't go a day without crisps... They were my kryptonite big time!

I haven't had (or wanted) a bag of crisps since my holiday at the beginning of may and that was only because I had no barriers with food but before holiday again the last time I had a bag was probably Christmas time. Funny that ain't it. X


Plodding on til its gone
Well done on cutting out the crisps, I crave them and have a low fat bag every other day ish.

Not sure what is wrong with my knees just get a lot of pain especially in the right one. Probably because one of my jobs is cleaning/ironing so think im basically wearing them out as on feet most of the day. I went swimming on sunday, didnt do that many lengths but painful afterwards. Will persevere with it though.


On A Mission!
If you have to eat chocolate, then make it dark plain chocolate. I find it hard to eat too much as it has such an intense flavour. Dark chocolate also has a much lower impact on blood sugars as it is a complex carb, so is less likely to set off the high/low blood glucose levels that cause cravings. One of the reasons we crave chocolate is because of it endorphine producing qualities that give you a slight high, good quality pure cocoa powder (not drinking chocolate) will do the same. You can make a fairly low calorie cocoa drink with a 2 or 3 teaspoons ( 5 cals a tspn I think) of it in hot water and a splash of milk, just as you would for making coffee, and use a little sweetener if you like.


On A Mission!
Just copied and pasted this info on the health benefits of cocoa powder, which also explains some of the reasons why we crave it.

Chocolate and cocoa derive their health benefits from flavonoids which are plant pigments capable of acting as antioxidants to counteract some of the cellular damage that can lead to chronic diseases such as cancer and heart disease. Cocoa powder has also been shown to lower blood pressure and improve blood flow in humans. A cup of cocoa has almost three times the antioxidants of a cup of green tea, another drink renowned for its health benefits. With all of the antioxidant capabilities of cocoa it may seem like a no-brainer to add dark chocolate and cocoa to your diet. While cocoa is still recommended by most experts when consumed in reasonable quantities, the health benefits of cocoa should be balanced by its potential drawbacks.
Cocoa and your mood

Have you ever wondered why chocolate has an uplifting effect on mood? This is very likely due to its content of phenylethylamine which has a mood elevating effect somewhat akin to amphetamine type substances. While this may be a positive for those who are depressed, it can be a negative for people prone to anxiety or panic attacks. Plus, there’s evidence that this chemical can be addictive. Could this be where the term chocoholic comes from?
When consuming chocolate rather than cocoa powder, other ingredients added to the chocolate must be considered. Unless you’re consuming a sugar-free, dark chocolate bar, most commercial chocolate bars contain sugar which can have an adverse effect on insulin levels. To get the full benefits of chocolate, the chocolate chosen should be dark chocolate, not milk chocolate since there’s some evidence that milk negates some of the apparent health benefits of cocoa.
The other alternative is to get the benefits from drinking cocoa powder, but this, too, has its problems. Many cocoa powders are processed and contain such undesirable additives as hydrogenated oils, high fructose corn syrup, and milk products. In addition, cocoa powder has been found to contain high levels of acrylamides, substances known to increase the cancer rate in animals and is considered to be a probable human carcinogen.
Although chocolate and cocoa powder don’t have extremely high levels of caffeine, they do have significant quantities of xanthines which are toxic to dogs and cats which is why you’re instructed not to give pets chocolate. Other drawbacks to excessive chocolate consumption include the rather high calorie load associated with most chocolate formulations.
If you want the health benefits of cocoa with fewer of the potential drawbacks, it’s best to consume as pure of a formulation of cocoa as possible with the lowest calorie content. Plus, it’s probably best to alternate chocolate and cocoa intake with green tea, red wine, and other health sources of antioxidants to maximize benefits with fewer negative effects.


Plodding on til its gone
Thanks Lynn that was very interesting to read. Where would you say is the best place to buy the purer cocoa powder you said about? Supermarket stuff seems full of all the rubbishy stuff you said about. Although I do have options choc brownie and weight watchers choc drink in the cupboard. Dont drink much of it mainly only to avoid eating real choc. Sometimes just opening the lid and smelling the powder makes the craving go lol.

Not keen on plain chocolate atall eg Bournville much prefer milk chocolate but having it maybe twice a week.

Thanks again for the info x


On A Mission!
I bought mine from Indigo Herbs of Glastonbury, just google and you will find the site. Click on the Superfoods link then scroll down for Cacao and click on that (cacao is the correct spelling) then scroll down to the cacao powder form. They sell high quality pure cocoa or cacao as they call it, but it aint cheap!


Plodding on til its gone
Thank you, ill look into it.
I crave chocolate soooo much too. Especially in the mid-afternoon slump. This has a lot to do with eating the right things in the morning, so you don't get this slump. Also, when I crave chocolate, I do something to take my mind off it (exercise usually) as I can't have just one either. It is all or nothing, and that the moment, it has to be nothing!

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