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Cravings for Chocolate

no, but cant you have one of the ww choc bites, only 1pp and are delicious? or maybe have a cup of hot chocolate??
Always crave chocolate....doesn't seem to matter what time of the day it is! Today I was particularly bad..curly wurly, jaffa cake, ww cupcake :eek: absolute disgrace!


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The treat size Cadburys chocs are only 2pp. Things like crunchie, flakes, buttons, dairy milks etc. They come in a multipack! I always buy them and keep a couple on my bag for craving emergencies lol
I crave constantly for chocolate and anything sweet, i have recently started making sugar free jelly and helping myself to that when i need something sweet and also freddy frogs fudges curly wurlys r only 3 points each hope this helps and gud luck x
wait a minute-WW do cupcakes? Are they any good?
Yep they do! They are mini cupcakes 9 in a pack and really nice :)


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I find the time out single finger biscuits good for two points :) Also toffee crisp biscuits for three points!
I sometimes waste a lot of my points on choc :( work in a shop so will have a 6pp bar quite a bit of the time :( so worth it though!
I get mad cravings for chocolate any time of day...lol...Anyway today I am going to make some cornflake/rice crispie choc cakes....(remember we used to make them when we were little!!!)...I think that the points for the choccy bar and the cereal can be made to work in our favour....specially if you make them small enough to be a point or half a point each...they may well turn out to be small but surely a quick tasty choccy bite will be worth it...Will let you know how it pans out...xx
well i made the crispie treats...11pts for the choc 9pts for the crispies...40 nice sized cakes...half a point each...nom nom nom....just what ya need to curb that choc craving....
That's a great idea! Of course with 40 little cakes looking at me I'm not sure I'd be able to stop at one or two :)
I've never really gotten on well with will power - we always seem to disagree :)

Mind you that's what this journey is all about, making positive changes so I guess developing some will power is a must lol

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