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Cravings? Have a 'distraction'!


Guess who's back...?
We all know I've had a bit of a bleurrrgh time recently with lapses - and although I am back on track, I've been finding it really tricky to distract myself - so here is a little list of things you can do to take the focus away from the F word. Please add your own - these aren't so much 'treats' as distractions - but of course, if things are nice too - all the better!!!

A x


Strip all your bed sheets and wash them.

Do some dusting around your place.

Move the furniture around (I love doing that!)

Clean out your computer of unwanted files by doing a disk clean-up and a disk defragment. Your computer will run better and faster.

Get a couple programs called Ad-Aware, plus Spybot Search and Destroy and scan for adware components. You don't want that stuff on your computer.

Exercise. If you have a Wii Fit - perfect, if not try some yoga/pilates poses. It's good for you, keeps you moving and releases endorphins :)

Listen to upbeat music and dance around like a loony!

Watch TV/good film, but place the remote control far away.

Play a musical instrument. (For me it's piano and guitar ... I'm terrible but I still play it.)

Design your own website on a topic of your choice! It's actually quite time consuming, fun and it teaches you a skill.

Find songs that motivate you and make yourself a CD to dance around to/listen to in the car etc.

Make a list of your goals and how/when you want to have them acheived by. Make them as big or small as you like - and tick them off when you reach them!

Try out a new hair style.

Exfoliate your body (best to have a bath/shower for this to open your pores) and slather on some lovely body cream etc... TREAT YOURSELF!

Give yourself a make-over.

Have a cool shower - not everyone's cup of tea, but refocuses the mind - and cold water makes you feel all firm and sexy! Follow by wrapping in a hot fluffy towel!

Keep checking back into this site, join in on threads and post. (Lol, I have lost HOURS this way, lol!)

Learn something. Think of something that always interested you and start studying - research things, pick up facts etc... keep your brain working!

Start a blog/diary... note down goals, cravings you have, how you got past them (thought records, hot thoughts etc), exercise you've done and anything that inspires you and motivates you.

Go for a drive

Make something. Go all Blue Peter - be it papier mache, something out of modelling clay, a painting, some home made jewellery, greetings cards etc.

If you into video games, grab a copy of Quantum of Solace or Fallout 3.... both have been known to take over your life - my OH never leaves the sofa now - and I have to say, I make a mean secret agent ;)

Read a magazine, cover to cover (even the cheesy ads at the back!)

Give yourself a manicure, pedicure or foot massage... better still, enlist someone else to... oh, and back tickles are also recommended. Mmmmm.

Ooh, back on the 'making stuff' theme... you could get going making a batch of 'thank you cards' all ready for post-Christmas.

Write a letter - yes, a letter, not an email, to an old friend. Handwriting - remember that..?

Go for a walk (with or without a four legged creature)

Ok - over to you - add away!!

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Would definitely agree to keep an eye on this site! It has helped me many a times! :D


Fighting Demons....
1. Make lists on internet forums. :D xx

Oooh, mine would be, get singstar superstar on PS (or a kareoke dvd thingy) and annoy the neighbours for hours singing the cheesiest crap you can find!

Have a pre-Xmas de-clutter! I am planning on this for the weekend!!

Spend hours and hours wrapping presents and then when you've almost finished your housemates (the male ones) see what you're doing so expect them to bring down a load of stuff for you to wrap too!! That last part is probably just me!

Go and buy a new piece of furniture from Ikea, make sure it's flatpack and try and put it up without the destructions. I assure you, it's the most fun you can have with your clothes on! Seriously, I did it the other week and I never stopped laughing!!! Again - that could just be me!! :p

Go through your wardrobe and make piles of clothes (too big, too small, fits). Then go through the "too small" pile and see how much gets shifted to the "fits" pile! If you have time, go through the "fits" pile and - get a friend (and a mirror/camera) to help here - move all the stuff that is "too big" off that "fits" pile!! You may be amazed, I was!

Anna - I agree in the moving furniture thing. I love doing it, gives me a new perspective everytime!!!

I will be cleaning like a domestic goddess this week. Must be all tidy for Santa's arrival!!!

B x
Mine are all boring domestic tasks lol.

Do all washing
Strip beds
Hoover (yes even the stairs and I hate doing the stairs)
Wash floors
Do all glass (windows, doors and table)

Mess about with my hair
Do some scrapbooking
Go through all the wardrobes and sort them (same as bekimo but i do it for the 5 of us lol)
Go through toys, ged rid of anything broken or with bits missing and send anything no longer played with to charity.

Wow I need to get a life lol!

can't wait to get started in january - sounds like my house is going to be super clean, i'll be a mega crafter and very organised. My family aren't going to know what's hit them!
It says LL is lifechanging - it will be if i follow your lists :)
Photograph all of Bek's clothes that are in the 'too big' pile and stick on Ebay and make some lovely cash, then trawl the listings in the next size down to add to the 'fits' pile at a bargain price! Now I spend HOURS doing that!!


Fighting Demons....
Photograph all of Bek's clothes that are in the 'too big' pile and stick on Ebay and make some lovely cash, then trawl the listings in the next size down to add to the 'fits' pile at a bargain price! Now I spend HOURS doing that!!
LOL! You'd be here for HOURS I have literally got a mountain of clothes to sort through!!! Oh joy!

B x
What a great idea to put this list up!

Would be great to have this list as a sticky, that way we could pop on here when we feel like we need a distraction and get an idea on something to do.

What is it with me and sticky's today, that's the 3rd post where I've mentioned them lol.

Louale x
lol - if we are not careful, stickied threads will take over the whole of the front page - then they will lose their effectiveness!! LOL

So, yeah, the whole clothing thing was my favourite passtime. It really spurred me on, reaffirmed I was losing, and gave me what I needed when the scale didn;t!!

I had a qhole little 'staging area' set up. I had a crate where I stored all my new purchases of too small clothes that were weeks/months away. I started buying in every size when I started losing weight so I had a collection waiting for me as I went down. Then in my wardrobe I hung the ALMOST fitting clothes at the very end. Then each weekend when hubs was at work, I'd break everything out....try on the ALMOST fitting - when they did, they'd get moved into the wearable section, and something would come out of the crate to takje itsw place and await fitting. Then the big clothes would be foreced out the other end - and it was just a forever changing cycle of clothing.

I love it. I still have the crate, and there are still things in there to challlenge me even now. I haven't looked in a few weeks - several actually - perhaps we'll have aplay today.

But yes - that was my favourite thing. And I bought all my clothes on EBAY and in charity shops or at great sales - never spent much and got some BEAUTIFUL things as a result. Really fun!!

One tip: Donb;t buy things that you wear now, only in a smaller size.....I found that as I got slim, my style changed considerably!! That really surprsied me - I loved my fat-clothes, and always thought I would keep that style, only smaller. Nope. A 360 degree change happened and caught me off guard!!! :D

Have fun - thats the main thing! :)

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