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Not evil at all
Hey everyone, hope you are all well.

Just kind of want to share something/get others experiences of cravings..

Last night I had a bit of a blow out/unplanned flexi syn day/binge. I was really craving bread and I've read on here before "if you're not hungry for free food you're not really hungry" and I tried that, but the thought of any other food like fruit or yoghurts etc made me feel sick, yet I still wanted bread.. so anyway, I had 2 bread rolls (my HEB's on Red) and a further 6 slices of weight watchers wholemeal, so 18 syns on bread yesterday. I was craving chocolate too so had mikados (8 syns worth) and I had other stuff obviously like my dinner but I had around 40 syns in total. Does anyone else get days like this where you just HAVE to eat something, cos your body is actually crying out for it? And why bread?! lol it's such a boring food. You would think cake or curry or something eh?

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I find that sometimes but i am told the cravings go!! I alway try and think what my body is wanting so if its cake its craving i try and have fruit but craving bread i would try having a green day and see if it stabilises I find if I have too many red days and start craving then a green day usually sorts it out and stops any slip ups!! x


Not evil at all
Got a whole green week planned from Thursday onwards so will give my body the carbs it wants!
I crave sweet things such as cake, milkshakes, chocolate or my favourite cereal, Cinnamon Grahams (AKA Curiously Cinnamon - but I refuse to call them by this name!); yoghurt and fruit just won't do!

I also crave my favourite crisps, Salt 'n' shake (I hate salt, so they are perfect as you don't have to use any if you don't want to, so I just have them plain!!!)

I'm only into my third week, so this is all for now, but I do sometimes feel as though 15 syns isn't enough, then other days, such as today, I think to myself, 'I don't even need 5!'


Not evil at all
I have those '5 syns is plenty' days too but usually when I have a binge it's on junk or things I don't actually want.. where as last night I was properly needing bread lol. So strange!
That is quite strange. But don't give up! Start afresh and it'll be fine!


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I've had those strange cravings too, I'm hungrey but no matter how much fruit/yogurts I eat I'm not satisfied until I've had that one thing. It's usually something savoury, like crisp sandwich with butter! I think thats why the fruit and yogurt just don't cut it.
Syn values

Hi I love cinnamon Grahams I very much doubt it but was wandering if yet can count as a hxb as I can't get online at the mo to check the list if not how many syns is bowl?
To be honest, the only thing I'm craving at the moment is..


Lol, strange I know. A few weeks ago I didn't even like them, but since hearing they were a SuperSpeed I decided to give them a go - now I can't get enough of them!

They're free though, and superspeed so I'm not complaining :D
Hi I love cinnamon Grahams I very much doubt it but was wandering if yet can count as a hxb as I can't get online at the mo to check the list if not how many syns is bowl?
Curiously Cinnamon Cereal, 28g
6 Syns on all plans

HTH xx


I will be a Princess!
Ever since starting SW over a year ago I've found myself craving loads of sweet things - cakes, biscuits etc! I've been completely baffled because I've never craved sweet things in my life - it's always been savoury for me! Weird!

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