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I am really craving chocolate at the minute and I don't usually really eat chocolate Im definitely a crisp girl! I've tried chocolate mousse and wee dessert things but its just not the same! Im hoping it will pass soon
When I was only following SW I would crave eggs all the time but I could never be bothered to cook them & now that I can't eat them I haven't craved them, so strange!
I only crave at night mostly, boredom I guess, usually have just been going to bed to ignore it haha :)

I'm the same Chala. I get cravings for everything, not just one particular food, which is what makes me think it's just boredom. I'm telling you - grapes, raspberries, chopped melon, anything you can sit & pick at is great because it satisfies the need for food and you can eat it and just watch tv or read a book or come on here! xx


size 14 here I come
I dont really crave cakes or choc & I used to eat loads before diet.....but I DO crave pizza alll the time!!! :mad: lol


size 14 here I come
Yes I have .... they are nice but NOTHING comes close to a proper deep pizza with lots of cheese & garlic mayo :( lol


Violet is shrinking
i think when we say we are craving a particular thing,i dont think its the body actually craving it,but more like our clever ol' brains putting it into our heads and thoughts that we really need it...

a lot of the time eating things comes from habit, and i think that we have a craving its more remembering what we would normally be eating at that particular time.. kinda like smoking and how half the battle to quit that its changing your habits (i quite over 2 years ago :))

i used to have really bad eating habits, no breakfast or lunch,no proper meals as such,awful..i ate so much wrong stuff it was mad.. ive not had any sweet,chocolate,cake etc for nearly 7 weeks and the funny thing is i dont crave it anymore,saying no to a piece of chocolate is just natural now..

i did learn that when you eat something sweet and sugary,its great for a short time, then you come rushing down and crash,you feel twice as bad and only wanting more..:(

so i think dieting isnt just about what we put into our bodies, but also training our minds and habits to make right choices..

You are soooooooooo right bunny :D Good to have people reminding us newbies what the bigger picture is :) Well done on the smoking! I stopped 7 months ago, longest i have ever gone and no intention of starting again, wish it was as easy to lose weight lol :) xx


Violet is shrinking
im still wating for some genius to invent a pill,that you take at night and wake up slim lol....


Gold Member
im waiting for that pill but in the mean time. im giving it ago..... lol

if you crave something sweet. go and brush your teeth.. trust me you wont want anything sweet afterwards.. :)


Violet is shrinking
i hate drinks after brushing teeth :yuk:

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