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Crazy but .......

Does anybody else feel as though they aren't on a diet and get scared that they might not lose weight.
I dont feel as though I am dieting even though I never eat!
I find that i'm not obsessing about food, in fact I never think about it unless I am writing something like this or cooking for my parents. Even when I am cooking for my parents I seem to be on another planet and the food has no interest for me!
Normally if I am on a diet I think about food ALL the time. This is the main reason that I chose the WONDERFUL CAMBRIDGE DIET, because I dont want to spend my days counting out how many of this that or the other I can eat and weighing every morsel, hence obsessing again. Trawling through recipes and calorific lists I think is like showing a drug addict a catalogue of drugs and saying which would you like!!
Anyway, my question to you all is.. Does being on cambridge and not having to count calories or think about food make you wonder if you might not lose weight because you are not constantly thinking about food? Hope you all know what I mean.
Lynne x
PS I should have written this in a blog. its a bit big lol
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Yes I feel the same hun, I always worry I wont lose anything even though im 99% good on cd.

In the 13wks ive been on cd I have never had a day off on odd( about 3xs ) ive picked at a bit of chicken or had an extra cd meal and to be honest ive really not missed food that much, very strange isnt it. I cook every night for my family but its as if im 'working' and its not for me so it dosnt bother me.lol.
Your losses are fabulous susan. I hope I can do as well as you!!
I think this is the first time in my life I have not obsessed about food.
I do think about weight though lol, and wish I wasnt fat and constantly keep hoping that I am losing weight which deep down I know I should be because I dont stray off cd at all. This is only my 8th day, and already I feel bloomin marvelous and all because of this site and CD and 'my lady' who is an absolutely smashing CDC. Nothing is too much trouble for her.
Lynne x

Your doing fab hun, you will see a diff so quickly its fab.xx

I still think of myself as big my mind hasnt caught up with my losses yet.lol.

But im going out this afternoon to buy some size 14 jeans:eek::eek:

They may be a little tight but my 16s are getting looser by the day:D.lol.
lol i'm sticking my tongue out at you lol.
No seriously, have a great time chosing them!! What was your biggest size trouser. How many dress sizes have you dropped to get to 14's
Lynne x
I know exactly what you mean, I felt the same way too. I think taking food completely out of the equation allows you to stop obsessing about it, you also have the added knowledge that if you stick with it you can't go wrong.

Susan, how fab for you. Why dont you try your 20s on before you go shopping for your 14's!!! that would make me feel extra skinny lol. Well done xx
Lynne x
Porgie, You are very inspirational to me, I have to tell you. You look lovely, your extremely kind to everybody and your caring nature comes out in your posts. Youve inspired me a lot.
Lynne x


nearly there!! :)
im on my second week of lighter life, but i feel the exact same!! ye i love the smell of foods, and preparing it but i in no way want it...i want my shake ha i love not thinking bout food, but yes this week i feel there is no way ive lost anything!! even though havent cheated once!! x fingers crossed ha


Loves being slim!
Yes, I do feel like that, especially after my chocolate bar at night. I get that 'oh I've just eaten chocolate' feeling, but then I get on the scales and theres less of me!

I love it!
I need a new pair of work trousers as I only have 2 pairs both size 16. They are old and tired but the black ones are too loose and are starting to look silly. I found yesterday that 16's are too big in some shops and too small in M + S. and 14's are too tight - can't do up. No belt loops in the old ones. I got some safety pins instead!!! I want a 'these were my big trousers ' photo in the black ones at Christmas!
So, for now, I shall have to continue looking more like a clown by the day.
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is going to loose!
Agree with many!

Day 3 over and hoping at the end of the week to have a good loss. Will I have a loss?? Will the diet work even though I am doing 790 and not starting of even going to do SS (might do SS+)????

im only on day 3 today, but already this diet feels like a breath of fresh air.
i have wasted too much of my life obsessing about food, food diaries ect ect.
the first day was tough, cooking for family then watching them eat. but yesterday and today, it hasnt bothered me at all.
GO US!!!!!!

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