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cream buns!!!!



Is a crunchy mama!
Well done curvygirl!! They'll finish eating eventually and you'll be glad you resisted!
im hopin so!! i no if i had one i wud feel sick and wish i hadnt off and plus i dont need it! go me!!lol xx

Well done for resisting. That is something to be proud of.
thank u so much :) i have a kit kat to look forward to later hehe xx
Well done, i just had a tesco muffin, it's 14 syns - but it tasted nice!!
least ur within syns :)
least ur within syns :)
Ah tis truw however once I have my Friday night dry white, or two, I certainly won't be lol

Hence why I use my syns weekly not daily!!!!


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well done.
(tip - keep something tasty but with in syns in your bag/desk, so if this happens again you can have something nice to eat with everyone, but within syns :) )

I know there is a lot of controversy over the couscous cake, but i make one to have a slice at my teabreak at work, often lovely homemade cakes are on offer but i resist and have my piece of couscous cake, which as i am good and eat it over the course of a week, i count as free :)
thank u everyone :)

catherine im tryin that too as im out for few drinks 2mro night! do u find u still lose usin them weekly? as i no my old consultant didnt think it was good idea to save them or use them weekly but personally i stil think it evens out exactly the same..

i agree with u honey i wud count it as free to as ur only have once slice here and there :) i wudnt count it as free if i was havin the whole cake lol but def count slice or so as free :)xx

I do my syns weekly and when I'm sticking to plan properly I still lose. I weigh on a Monday so I like to save my syns for wine, choc, and crisps on a Saturday night.
yep see that sounds perfect to me i try to have little syns thru the week and keep rest for drink or sumthin naughty :)xx

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