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  1. Time4ME

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    Afternoon gang....

    Well I attended the 30th last night - I drove 1 of my friends wasnt drinking and the other had couple of glasses of wine... The birthday girl was paraletic and crying all evening - well we arrived at shortly after 9pm - and bizarrely were the only guest to bring presents and a birthday card???????

    We made a hasty 'escape' at shortly after middnight - I didnt eat anything and my drinks were free as they didnt do bottle water just 'soda'....

    I was quite happy being out and not drinking which I have to say I probably havent done for about 5yrs - it has totally reminded me...

    Why do some girls got so bollox'd then blubber all evening????
    Why is there ALWAYS in irritating bloke chatting crap at the top of his voice, not blessed in looks department....?
    How many people do you actually know that take 'recreational drugs' EVERY weekend - and who are the biggest nauses in history????
    Why do people think that I will lend a sympathtic ear to a load of drunken drivvle at 11pm at night????

    My next 'do' is my cousins 40th - which I have to say I am looking forward to, family jobbie only!

    By the time I'd dropped everyone off it was nearly 1pm, I'd only had 1.5 packs so made my cuppa T & had bar in bed and think I got to sleep shortly after 2am - but had to be up at 8am to take DD to stables... I have been knackered ALL day and actually went back to bed and didnt get up til after midday... Its been an effort to log on and read 1 of the sunday papers... Deary deary me????

    Sue - Georgie... Just tried to book me Spa thingy - but the building was being evacuated as a rang - something about a water leak??? Sue I'll msn you l8r as they told me I wasnt booked in with you 2 and I got a bit confused (I know I know - not even slightly difficult)... Anyway as I say they couldnt help further as the alarms were all going off ......

    PS - Loved the thread - how bizarre, how sad... How flippin odd??????
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  3. misscheeky

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    aww poor thing hopefully you will get a good nights sleep tonight :)
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    Hiya Clare

    Don't blame you for going back to bed, why the hell not aye! I have to confess I'm not dressed snuggled up in dressing gown on the sofa. Going out and being sober is a real eye opener isn't it, I am not a big drinker anyhoo so I know what you are talking about (used to be but they I got old and sensible!)

    I will leave Sue to come to the rescue on the spa thing as she is chief in charge of co-ordination!

  5. Time4ME

    Time4ME MUST get a grip

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    I'll catch up with Sue on MSN a bit later - there's no answer at the Spa as its been evacuated - the girl on reception advised not to bother calling back til the morning so I will do then.. I've got the Day off defo and Mum's said she more than happy to have kids (she usually does on Fri anyhoooo)...
    How exciting - def 100% in need of pampering!
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