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Crimbo Choccies

Devoured After Eights last night and there's a box of Festive Friends (Choc Animals) calling me from the cupboard! xxx


Lover of Extra Easy
I am pretty pleased with myself....and this comes from a "reformed choco-holic"!!
I received two boxes of chocs as part of farewell presents when I left work.
Obviously, I didn't tell them I won't eat them as that was rude so was going to give them away. My hubby was then eyeing them out so I told him he can have them as I don't want them so he opened them up and sat munching away. He apologised that he was eating them in front of me and I honestly told him it does not worry them in the least. The box is sitting there staring at me and I am not tempted or have the desire for them at all.
That was the same when I was at work and there were Quality Street chocs constantly being handed around. I always turned them down and don't worry about it or feel deprived in the slightest.


running strictly on fat!
I absolutely love Quality Street so I'm staying well clear of them:)

I love sticking my head in the tin and taking several large deep breaths lol
Love the idea!! There are two tins of QS sitting next to my desk and staring at me. Yes, everytime I look at them they stare back with even more intensity lol
Almost tempted to stick my head in and take several deep breaths but I might actualy wait until everyone else is out on lunch hahaha
I wouldn't want to get a pre-paid psychiatric sessions from our work Santa hahaha


running strictly on fat!
Thats so funny... I do that with salt and vinegar crisps and it tastes like i've eaten a packet :D
U guys are incredible - maybe we should try new sniff-it-diet
Made my day though :rotflmao:
I'll never look at Quality Street can in the same way again. lol
Try telling yourself that you only eat the very best quality chocolate, and that Quality Street (despite its name) and After Eights are simply not good enough for you.

Tell yourself that you are a chocolate snob, and will only succumb to temptation when someone offers you something from Prestat, or Leonidas, or Minerva in Bath, or that lovely little shop in Henley-on-Thames which makes its own fresh mint truffles!

(Of course, if someone does give you a box from any of those places, then this strategy will backfire!! :D )

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