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I am today commencing my 5th week of LL and so far have lost an amazing 2 stone! Writing it there makes it seem more real, but I still can't get my head round it.:D

I am feeling really positive and aproaching Christmas, I think I will be able to continue with abstinance, through this difficult time.:eek:

However I am a planner and hope you guys can help. In the event that I should be tempted to stray, I am told that white meats (I don't do fish), green and white vegetables, and vodka are the things to go for. I think I'm okay with the white meats, chicken, turkey (does pork count)? and the vegetables, sprouts, brocolli, mushrooms. But do you drink the vodka neat?
no VODKA!!!!! no no no no no nooooooo!!!

Have learnt the hard way....very bad idea. Trust me, look at my pictures in the Gallery.

Erm...would stay away from Pork too....not included in Cambridge land white based on that, best avoid it!!:)
I would think the vodka might kick you out of ketosis, as all alcohol contains carbs. Not sure about the pork tho'. Good luck with it all.
My plan is to continue the plan to the bitter end! I will only have a couple of weeks left of foundation by christmas, and I will need another few weeks of development to get where I want to be.

I should be under 10 stone by then and with my end goal in sight I am hopeful it is motivation enough. At the end of the day I can have turkey any time I like once I am finished and I can have any treats I want then too (within reason and moderation of course).

My view just now is I want to lose this weight lots lots more than I want to eat turkey just now (or anything else for that matter)

If I should waiver (after all I am just human) I will stick to a tiny amount of turkey and veg and refuse to give in any further, but for the time being I don't think it will matter to me.

I am really looking forward to christmas, don't yet know if my husband will be here (hoping he is) my nearly 2 year old is going to have a great time and I will enjoy seeing her excitement, then later (after everyone has had their meals) I will visit various people and enjoy their company. I have told my husband I don't want anything much for christmas as I want to be able to buy a whole new wardrobe in a few months time! That thought should keep me on the straight and narrow!

Christmas and indeed any celebration is not actually about food, its just that out of habit we allow it to be.

All the best, hope you manage to stick to your plan!

I am not planning to break abstinence over Xmas at all. I would be too paranoid about coming out of ketosis :( I don't want to break this weight loss as I have a way to go yet.

It's only one Xmas and if I get to my target then there's plenty more Xmases to come !

It probably helps being a veggie as I won't be lusting after the turkey !:D

Good luck everyone whatever you decide to do :)
Many thanks, for your advice.

My frame of mind is so positive at the moment, I don't think I will stray. I just know that I have so many social things especially work related that without telling the whole world I'm doing LL, some may prove difficult. I don't want to tell everybody, because I want them to notice the weight loss. I want some positive strokes, so to speak. Not negative ones about not eating and how it can't be healthy etc.

However I know I have to plan ahead.

It was my LL Councillor who said vodka was okay, but she didn't know what if anything you could have with it.

But this is all okay, because I'm not going to go there. My love of Christmas itself is all to do with cooking for other people. So I shall just enjoy doing that.

Once again many thanks, and best wishes to you all on your weight loss journey. ;)
...and if it does get tricky ... call me!

.... and I will call you if I feel the urge!
(and after you said such nice things to me on Sunday, i think we know eachother well enough!) - but don't ever mention my feet!
x :D x
Sticking to the programme ...

There's no way I'm coming off the LL programme for Christmas.

I come to the end of 100 days this week and will continue for the next two or three months, until I get to my goal. Nothing is going to stop me achieving this goal.

I told myself, "it is only one day, does it really matter"? As another member said, "you can have turkey any time once you get to your target". Why let Christmas potentially spoil all your achievements and slow your weight -loss down, or even worse, lead to you sabotaging your diet!

My husband and kids are going to do the cooking on Christmas Day - I'm having notihng to do with it!
I was advised not to drink as well....but TBH, doesnt bother me so much now cos I havent been drinking in over 2 months anyways.

For Christmas I am going to do AAM....cant abstain completely, but at least I can have a little!!
I'm another abstainer. There's no way I will eat/drink. I've come so far and surprised myself really at my resolve!

I'm another veggie - so that helps. I'm also treating myself big time - I've been having manicures, eyelash tints.. going to go to The Sanctuary in Covent Garden, getting my hair done etc...

In fact it's all been so enjoyable I may never eat again... :D

And even if I wanted to the way I'm going I wouldn't be able to afford it! :eek:

I think that you will be fine over Christmas and won't need to eat anyway.. you're doing too well and you won't want to jeopardise that! :)

Based on Atkins - red wine is allowed and is not supposed to effect ketosis, so I'm not talking as an expert but if I feel I have to have a tipple I'll be having a small glass of red wine! Merry Xmas to all Lighter Lifers!
I've actually decided not to go to my work 'do' this year, but its more to do with babysitting than anything else.

My plan was to go later, once the meal was over and drive, that way no one cares you are drinking water.

I have twice been at meeting recently where bacon rolls were on offer and I haven't had any, I've just told everyone I am on a big health kick and they all accepted that. I work with men to be fair and they are probably a bit less nosy about it all.

If anyone asks me what 'diet' I am on I just say 'well I'll tell you all about it if it turns out to work, I've still a lot to lose' and change the subject which usually works. Although having said that all my important friends and family already know what I am actually doing.

My 'I'll tell you about it later' approach may fail soon though as people are starting to notice, however with christmas coming up etc, I fully expect everyone to be far too busy to notice my reducing waistline!

heres to the first christmas NONE of us will be gaining weight!

I am worried about Xmas too, but reading what everyone has said (and listening to my owm conscience), I really don't think it is worth risking even one drink. I think having one drink or a tiny slice of turkey, will end in me getting drunk and having a full-blown meal (and then feeling very guilty afterwards and delaying my weight loss). It is only one Xmas and it is not worth jeopardising everything for one meal/ a few drinks! If you dont want people at parties to know you are on a diet, just use some of the suggestions in the green book: you had a dentist appointment/ you have an upset stomach/ you ate earlier/ you are doing a 3-day detox... Best of luck to everyone over Xmas anyway. It will be hard but we can do it! xx
I've been thinking recently about things to help with the Christmas cravings, and here is something I have come up with.

Its all in our heads this dieting lark anyway so its all about tricking ourselves into thinking we are getting what we want out of the day rather than thinking we are being deprived.

Soooo my idea is to imagine a beautifully wrapped box, under the christmas tree waiting for you to open it. When you open it imagine the symbolic things that matter to you that you would love to be handed as a gift (but can't lol)

1. being slimmer.
2. being healthier.
3. feeling sexier.
4. being happy.

yes, I know being slim doesn't make you happy but being in control of your life helps happiness an awful lot.

So , what do you want for christmas?

do you want health, wellbeing and happiness? or do you want to start the slippery slope back to where we started? Guaranteed dipping into the roast potatoes and chocolates WON'T help us get what we want for christmas!

My plan is to have soup while everyone else has soup, which for us will be lunchtime (no way my nearly 2 yr old will sit through a 3 course meal)

Have my bar when everyone is having their main meal and possibly another soup (or savoury drink)

Have a shake made up as mousse when everyone is having their desert.

That still leaves a savoury drink or soup for later in the evening if I want it.

Hope my rambling may help someone somewhere lol

I LOVE that idea Mags ...

... all I have to do is decide what I most want out of this.:rolleyes: (thinking!)

I suppose that I would really love to have A GOOD, HEALTHY RELATIONSHIP WITH FOOD. So, I think I'll take some time to write myself a letter putting it all down. It will give me the motivation to carry on, and to enjoy the Christmas holidays.

I may even buy a special box to put it in.

I'd love to know what other members would write in their 'gift'. Write in now ....:D