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S: 18st2lb C: 15st1lb G: 12st2lb Loss: 3st1lb(16.93%)
until I went to the class on Wednesday I had been eating crisps every day. I LOVE THEM.

The counsellor says they denegrate the nutrients and should be an occasional treat. I miss them, What do you lot think?

vitamins C is destroyed very easily when exposed to heat and folate at a high temperature and Thiamine above 100c.

I think :rolleyes: but will check for you that one pack a day is allowed.

Just see you are Lighter Life....the rules with LL and LT is no cooking of the packs what so ever.

Mainly is becuase you are SSing all the way for 100 days and sometimes beyond and no AAM and as such you are depending on the packs for all of your nutrients.

Love Mini xxx


Got a life thank you!
My LLC told me it was fine to cook upto one pack a day. I have had crisps virtually every single day without any problems.

Some else cooks half a pack in crisps and has the rest of the pack as a soup to eat with the crisps.

Just thought that may be a compromise for you??


Got a life thank you!
my "crisps" were a disaster - almost as bad as the nut "crunch"* bars... .but i'll give them another go sometime soon.

*who the hell came up with the idea of giving an item with zero crunchiness and a high level of soggy carboardedness this name? :confused:
You probably didn't cook them long enough - because my first few attempts were like that - cook them for an extra 10 seconds - you may be pleasantly surprised.

The nut crunch bars - now I tried one on my 2nd week and gagged on it bleugh. Last week I decided I was bored so got one and crumbled it onto a chocolate mouse, it gave the mousse another dimension - I wouldn't say it was tasty but I crumbled such a small amount that a full bar lasted me 5 nights and just bulked out the mousse a little bit!

They say your tastes change as you do this - mind you I still can't stand the thai chilli despite getting a pack a couple of weeks ago to make into crisps - just the smell had me gagging!

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